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fly zipper flashdrive

fly zipper flashdrive
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Inspired by such items flashdrive jewelry and bluetooth watch flash media: Ever have a favorite pair of pants? Now IT people can make their clothing as versatile as their mobile phones or handheld computers. A small flashdrive that acts as a quickly detachable zipper on the fly of a person's pants could save some people much time and effort searching for flashdrives. As long as you remember to take it to the restroom, your experience will not be diminished. However, the protective casing and size would have to be balanced to add both durability and convenience.
aabccs, Apr 29 2008


       What a weak excuse for a pun.
DrCurry, Apr 29 2008

       The Leakest Wink
gnomethang, Apr 29 2008

       I would prefer to have this on my jacket zipper.
jaksplat, Apr 29 2008

       Thats just weird.
whizzentag, Apr 29 2008

       //a quickly detachable zipper//   

       What the hell is that? A zipper that unstitches from one's britches, leaving a gaping hole?   

       Does this idea mean a fob that attaches to the zipper pull? If so, that is baked all to hell and gone, at least for jackets. I've not seen a flashdrive marketed for attachment to trouser flies, but <goes away a moment> I've got one in my collection that I just easily attached to my todger region, and I feel a right twit.   

       I hope you are embarrassed, too, for thinking up such a thingie. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go regain what's left of my dignity.
baconbrain, Apr 29 2008

       //What the hell is that? A zipper that unstitches from one's britches, leaving a gaping hole? //
Precisely. Perhaps I should have written 'The Leakiest Winkie'!
gnomethang, Apr 29 2008

       po, I'll not only welcome [aabccs] to the halfbakery and point him/her to the help file (on the left, under meta), but I'll vote (+) on the idea as well.   

       But I think I'll get my ear pierced and wear mine up there.
normzone, Apr 29 2008

       Wave it around while asking, "anyone need a gig?"
luxlucet, Apr 30 2008


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