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HD with audio line out

250GB HD with audio analog line out, without fan
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I want a 250Gb <or more!> external hard drive (stationary, but possible to move around)with a built-in mp3-decoder and a line out to hook up with my living room stereo. A neat little LCD panel and a few buttons to navigate with (similar to portable mp3-players). And an USB cable to re-charge the thingie with my PC. AC-powered, but no fan or any other noise-making features.

This device will contain a huge chunk of my music -- but have the flexibility to ad, change and remove tracks/albums, -- freeing up shelfspace and be the preferred playback device at home.

Some day...

jstf, Jan 13 2005

Home Audio Article http://www.quepubli...rticle.asp?p=351419
Looks like you're looking for a "digital media server" [Worldgineer, Jan 13 2005]

Here's one http://www.gibsonaudio.com/specs.htm
Only 80 Gb hard drive, but has a USB port for an external drive. $1,000 to $1,900 [Worldgineer, Jan 13 2005]

Not precisely what you're looking for, but the TranzPack 7 http://www.zmicro.c...ge/tranzstor-pn.php
at the bottom of the page is a fun gadget [shameless plug] [normzone, Jan 13 2005]

In the ballpark, sort of. http://www.dvforge.com/plug.shtml
A very interesting little connector device. [bristolz, Jan 14 2005]


       So it's basically a really big iPod?
Trout, Jan 13 2005

       Basically, that's what an iPod is. Nothing new here.
contracts, Jan 13 2005

       Almost a big iPod (or equvalent), only much bigger. Can't find a large external HD with mp3-player anywhere, can you?
jstf, Jan 13 2005

       You mean like the one I linked to earlier?
Worldgineer, Jan 13 2005

       Thank fook for that!. I misread this as 'HB with audio line out'.
gnomethang, Jan 13 2005

       I was thinking more along the lines of a cheap Maxtor One Touch-sort of external harddrive with three small additions: An audio out, a button nav. with LCD and a small chip with mp3 decoder. Should add no more than $30 to the HD price, imho. The media server/media hub approach gets a bit too large/expensive.
jstf, Jan 14 2005

       //Should add no more than $30 to the HD price, imho.// Even with the iPod's economies of scale it is certainly more than $30 over the price of a hard drive.
Worldgineer, Jan 14 2005

       I stumbled across this site as this is just what I was looking for. Great idea! I want to store all my mp3s on an external drive and to be able to plug that drive directly into my amp at home without needing a computer. Or plug the drive into my laptop to watch movies stored on in.   

       I don't want an iPod as I don't need to take my music everywhere like a comforter blanket. I just want to plug in a big ugly 100G brick into my hifi.   

       All you really need though is a tiny adaptor with a USB input and a line out, plus a small LCD type UI. This could be connected to ANY USB external drive. Obviously there might need to be some restrictions on the directory layout in order to pick up the mp3s, or a standard location for an xml describing their location. I'd pay $50 for a gadget like that.
oliverfuture, Sep 18 2006

       Thats what an mp3 player IS. It's an mp3 player. Did i mention it's an mp3 player?   

       Basically, you're saying, I want an mp3 player, but bigger (physically). Why?   

       the iPod is at the expensive end of the mp3 player market but you can get other makes very cheaply. You don't pay significantly more nowadays for a small (physically) HD compared to a large one, so what possible benefit do you get from this device?   

       To my knowledge, ALL mp3 players bar the iPod do not require special software and recoginse to your PC as an external HD. Where is the new idea in this.   


       (Wouldn't It Be Nice If I Could Get A Really Big Mp3 Player).   

webfishrune, Sep 18 2006

       My point was that most mp3 players focus on being small and portable - You end up paying a premium for that if you don't need it: $350 for an 80G ipod; an 80G external HD is only around $70. However it looks like there are now some suitable products available: Freecom Media Player-3 80GB around $150
oliverfuture, Sep 18 2006

       you're kidding, right ?
DeanRadcliffe, Sep 21 2006

       No - jstf's idea is a valid one - a low cost, high capacity mp3 player. Worldgineer's suggestion might have fitted the bill, but at $1000-$1900 it is on the expensive side. It turns out there are already products out there that solve the problem: inexpensive HD enclosures that have media player functions.   

       no need for the sarky comments, dean!
oliverfuture, Sep 26 2006


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