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Just A Row of Ten Rotating Televisions

rotate televisions, sit back and watch
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Just A Row of Ten Rotating Televisions is exactly that, only these are the old style TVs, and not the modern flat screen versions.

This means they have a degree of bulk and would be dangerous to approach if they were spinning at high speed, which they are of course.

They are doing this because they are mounted on heavy duty bearings and rotated by powerful motors, capable of delivering sustained rapid circular motion.

They are also tuned to a variety of stations, and a set of remote controls, one for each television, allows an audience to change the channels, and make other adjustments to the volume, or simply select static as an option.

xenzag, Feb 20 2012


       The televisions could be set up on a left-to-right fraction of a second delay, so that with the first spin, it appears that the image is "thrown" onto the next television, the picture pulsing along the array like the red lights on KITT, only less camp.
calum, Feb 20 2012

       Woldn't the spinning speakers of the televisions generate a kind of Leslie-Vibratone effect?
zen_tom, Feb 20 2012

       I don't know [zen_tom] - but would love to try.
xenzag, Feb 20 2012

       [zen] Yes, it would be excellent. Also the spinning motion would interfere in an interesting way with your perception of the raster display of the image on the TV screen (you get the same thing if you rapidly scan your eyes from side while watching a CRT screen - the image gets smeared into a parallelogram shape).
hippo, Feb 20 2012


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