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Landscape DVD

Window simulator
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I see that there is a Landscape Channel. Looking at their website I get the feeling there is a lot of peaceful new age music, probably mellow pictures etc. That could be this but I dont think that it is.

The Landscape DVD is a high resolution view, meant to seem as though you were looking through a window. Some window sill might actually be present at the edge of the picture to imrpve this effect. There would not be music, as there is no music from a window. One would just see the view. It would change over the day, as views do, with the motion of the sun, wind in the trees, clouds etc. There might be a soundtrack: whatever the microphone picked up through the real window used to make the recording. This would be birds, wind - maybe rain or snow. No music - you can provide your own.

One would use these DVDs to press a flatscreen TV into service as a window. TVs not being used to watch "Welcome Back Kotter" would show a beautiful landscape all day. Flatscreen high definition TVs might be purchased just for this purpose, in waiting rooms or other dreary places.

The DVDs would be cheap to make. One could sell a large set for a low price.

bungston, Oct 05 2007

Webcam gallery Web_20Cam_20Gallery
"Having mused on this before, I do think you want higher quality pictures than the average webcam provides, possibly dedicated TV channels." [DrCurry] [bungston, Oct 05 2007]

passing by http://passingby.net/
[jaksplat, Dec 19 2008]

My take. [phoenix, Dec 20 2008]


       Is this idea different from the webcam gallery? Yes in that it is a good quality picture, as [Curry] proposes, and also that it is not live. It does not need to be live.   

       As I muse on this, I am sure someone will link up somewhere that such DVDs are available. But I could not find them.
bungston, Oct 05 2007

       This is baked on Voom (hi-def satellite TV), but not on DVD.   

Spacecoyote, Oct 06 2007

       Would be nice if it could produce fresh air as well...
vincevincevince, Oct 06 2007

       You could fit quite a few landscapes onto a DVD: the picture wouldn't change much frame-to-frame. Of course you can also log onto the many fixed webcams in the world, but most are cityscapes and low-resolution.
FlyingToaster, Dec 19 2008


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