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Never Ending Movie

A radio VHS tape with continuous feed.
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Take a standard VHS casset, remove the tape and install a radio reciever in it. The device will be powered by a generator turned by the VCR motor.

It recieves a special radio signal from cooperating TV stations and feeds it into the VCR, kinda like those audio casset adapters for CD players.

The point of this is to broadcast a single continuous 24 hour movie that can only be recieved by buying a special device.

The movie will have a crew of thousands working around the clock to produce a professional, continuous, LIVE movie.

The advantages are: -Portable -Easy to use -Self-powered -Impossible/not worth it to duplicate

Trimoor, Jun 17 2004


       Um, might be hard as there wouldn't be any retakes, but that could make it really funny.   

       I like.   

       Nice first idea.   

       Couch potatoes would definitely buy it.
DesertFox, Jun 17 2004

       I'm guessing that the reason you'd use this instead of a pay-per-view channel is that more people have VCRs than cable receiver boxes?
GenYus, Jun 17 2004


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