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Just the numbers, mail

Function of voice message that allows you to hear the message from the point they start mumbling their phone number too quickly.
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Problem: It seems to me, the hardest thing to catch in a voice message is phone numbers, as people tend to know them off by heart and reel them out as though everyone else should too. Thing is, people generally leave their number until the end of their voice message, meaning if you miss it you have to listen to Sarah of KPMG ramble on about why a software firm has taken it upon themselves to sue you and your company for gross copy-write infringement all over again.

Solved: Either (1) a simple tag that can be inserted by pressing a button mid message that then allows you to play the message from your tag straight away or (b) voice recognition designed purely to decipher spoken numbers, which then either (b1) reads them out in a clear computer voice, (b2) replays the message from the point it starts speaking about numbers or (b3) displays the decoded numbers on the screen, or finally (iii) a function to start playing the message at a specific time, 1 minute 23, for example.

I've given a variety of solutions as I have my doubts as to the ability of voice recognition technology. If it works, it's the best idea, but the other solutions are good too. Anyone know if they're baked?

theleopard, Dec 01 2008


       sp. copyright - unless you meant to say that KPMG are taking legal action against you because you infringed one of their copy-writers for being too fat. In which case sp. copywriter.   

       I'd like a big control dial on my phone (and pretty much everything else in life as well) that I can use to skip through the tedium.
zen_tom, Dec 01 2008

       Alternatively, accessing your voice mail online would be good, allowing you to skip to any part in a wav file.   

       I might delete this idea, or put a big control dial on it for [zen_tom].
theleopard, Dec 01 2008

       4) Rather than speak the phone number, the calling party should be able to type the number on their phone's keypad, the DTMF tones being captured (and replayable) on the recording end.   

       "We're sorry you stole our software. Please call me, Sarah of KPMG, at {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep} {beep}. Thank you."   

       Maybe your voicemail system translates them into spoken digits for you during playback.
phoenix, Dec 01 2008

       I like the "press a button midway to insert a tag" method. NOTE: The tag should be inserted 2 seconds *earlier* than the button so you hear the part you missed upon replaying.
phundug, Dec 01 2008

       This problem does get my goat and I agree with [boysparks]. [phoenix] idea is good if anyone would actually do it!
gnomethang, Dec 01 2008


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