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Light Phone + texting

Does nothing but call..plus texting.
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How cool is the Light Phone, John's Phone, that whole stripped-down-phone thing?

...but sadly, they stripped back too far. Making and receiving calls is NOT the minimalist function of today's phone. Today, for me, texting is more important and more basic function of my phone than calling. So, with LiteFone+ you can do either, and nothing else. OK, there's a clock. but that's IT.

It looks just like the Light Phone (out-appling Apple in white sparseness, impressive), but thicker (to accomodate keyboard). It sports a Nokia 5150 resolution LCD behind 1/8" thick plexi. It works great in blazing sunlight, and a Treo-clone keyboard. (GOD how I miss that genius key shape! I was so much faster and more accurate on that thing).

I'm not sure if these are good ideas, but maybe...

1. solar panel on the back surface. Leave the thing on your windowsill and forget it.

2. Sandbender (extremely flattened aluminum cans and driftwood) because goddammit I am still waiting for that style in mobile devices.

white, May 31 2015

Light Phone https://www.kicksta...one/the-light-phone
[white, May 31 2015]




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