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KISS Stairway Elevator

Winch for pulling up bikes, suitcases and helping people up the stairs
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This has to be simple, so if your a mechanical engineer, please add your ideas on how to achieve the following:

A single low cost winch pulls a cable that you can attach to your bike, suitcase or yourself.

A button where the hook is (or elsewhere), lets you control the winch, stop it, to release the cable or hold it in place.

A new hook or the same hook must be available at the bottom when the job is done. A pulley system is probably possible. But I haven't worked it out.

The controls must be available for the people on the bottom of the stairs, when they start up, together with the hook. And they must have it with them as they advance.

I noticed the need, at the new bicycle store in my town, that has 14 steps to get up to. There's no room for a ramp.

I then got to noticing many homes and even stores with a lot of steps and no ramp. Yes there are expensive elevators, but they work with rails. I just want a winch that will help me up (or perhaps ease the way down) with heavy weights.

Please your insights.

pashute, Jul 21 2013

Track-O http://www.youtube....watch?v=zUEF7KrIzD8
Annoying music, but easily remedied with *mute* [Klaatu, Jul 22 2013]

2shy - this? http://www.caledoni...ts.com/climber.html
[pashute, Jul 22 2013]

Almost [pashute], much simpler though. http://i00.i.aliimg...r_climbing_hand.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 22 2013]

Not this http://www.youtube....watch?v=ryCWIjdVF0g
Not what you're describing, but a similar purpose. [MechE, Jul 23 2013]

(?) 19'th century wench http://www.youtube....watch?v=50S7cugKOK0
[pashute, Jul 24 2013]

Pulley Elevator http://www.wrightal...ges/duolineelev.gif
[pashute, Jul 24 2013]

definitely non of these... https://www.google....ch&biw=1280&bih=709
[pashute, Jul 24 2013]


       As opposed to the Led Zeppelin Stairway.
ytk, Jul 21 2013

FlyingToaster, Jul 21 2013

       I thought whinge was when Brits complain about stuff. Might you mean "winch"?
tatterdemalion, Jul 21 2013

       thankyou [ttd].
FlyingToaster, Jul 22 2013

       A single low cost wench...
tatterdemalion, Jul 22 2013

       Alright, I know for certain that there exists a tank-track style of hand-truck that climbs stairs using a small electric motor. I've seen them used myself to lift fridges up apartment stairwells and yet I can't find a single internet hit.   

       Did I switch Universes again?...
I hate it when that happens.
It's SO disconcerting.

       No sweat [2fries] <link> provided.
Klaatu, Jul 22 2013

       Little sweat still...   

       Here I was all prepared to have my mind set at ease, but nope.
As cool as that contraption is [Klaatu], I've never seen it before.
The gadget I've seen used was like a regular furniture dolly, or fridge hand truck. You could wheel loads around on two wheels just like always, but when tilted onto a staircase a tank-track base engaged and crawled up stairs.

       ...if I could just stay long enough in one Universe to get my bearings, that'd be great.   

       Take a look at any traditional Dutch urban house ... tall and thin, with a hoisting beam projecting from the front.
8th of 7, Jul 22 2013

       Its called "weenje" in "Hebrew" so I remembered wrong without looking it up. Instead of google translate I used google images. Happy I didn't make the wench mistake.   

       Anyway, dutch urban houses have a hoisting beam, but I'm looking for a solution for a stairway.   

       And buying a stair climber wont do the job. It has to be available to the public using the stairs, like an elevator. Only extremely simple and low cost.   

       Can anybody help? PLEEZE.
pashute, Jul 22 2013

       I just want a wench that will help me up.
tatterdemalion, Jul 22 2013

       AHA! I found it! [link]   

       <exclaims to Universe at large>
"I still haven't gotten my bearings yet! So don't go getting any funny ideas!"

       Thanks Meche for the link. Correct, that's a rail, and I'm looking for a simple rope contraption.   

       A simple rope contraption that will have 2 hooks, perhaps, and has controls on the hooks and on the bottom and top. Or maybe gesture controlled by a 19$ camera. The whole thing shouldn't cost more than $100 and should be easy to install WITHOUT rails.   

       And no wenches.
pashute, Jul 23 2013

       Why's everybody discounting the wenches idea? That's what got my bun.
Tulaine, Jul 23 2013

       Here's my idea: <rant>I know it interests nobody, this is the halfbakery, inventors should go to the other half...</rant>   

       a. Two pulley wheels with a continuous cable just like a clothes line are set at the top and bottom of steps. For winding steps, more sets of pulley wheels are needed. (See link Pulley Elevator).   

       b. The hook and controls are connected to the cable as well as a weight.   

       c. The winch (did I get it right this time?) is connected to the and pulls it up. When you reach the top, you may release the winch or a second control permanently at the bottom can release it.   

       d. The hook with the weight return down by gravity.   

       Se tu, or however that's spelled in Yiddish.
pashute, Jul 24 2013


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