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Kama-Sutra Barbie and Ken

Everything you wanted to do before but you couldn't.
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Take a Barbie and Ken, but modified so that they are anatomically correct (in the case of Ken, functional via a pump-action gas reservoir or something) and feature fully articulated limbs and bodies.

Also comes with aforementioned manual and comtech-esque voice chips and the usual wardrobe of outfits.

mrkillboy, Dec 03 2000

The full-size version. http://www.realdoll.com
Female only at the moment. [StarChaser, Dec 03 2000]

Song lyrics http://www.yellowta..._mel_1.html#skipper
Skipper's dating G.I. Joe, so Barbie's stuck with Ken. [hello_c, Dec 03 2000]

Figure Drawing Mannequin Positions http://www.sexualpositionsfree.com/
Not Ken & Barbie, not exactly the Kamasutra, but in exchange it has a zero gravity section! [jutta, Dec 03 2000]

(?) Earring Magic Ken http://www.tias.com...el-Barbie/bd36.html
Ken will never live it down [1978tomy, Dec 03 2000]

(?) Where to get anatomically correct Barbies. http://www.furydolls.com/
Well, SORT of correct... [StarChaser, Dec 03 2000]

While we're on the subject... Transformers_20Kama_20Sutra
Shameless plug [imaginality, Aug 22 2007]


       Knowing Barbie - for the "Bimbo" she is - she would probably want to hang with GI Joe.
Wild_Mustang_Rider, Dec 03 2000

       I wanted to tell you that I like the idea. I also wanted to tell you that there is an "artist" in Asheville N.C., who takes the dolls and makes them complete. All body parts are functional . The theme is S&M so naturally they come with whips and chains. They sell for around $50 at a local adult shop. Jakus Snakus
jakob, Dec 06 2000

       Wild Mustang Rider,   

       Wait a sec! Barbie is a bimbo just because she'd probably prefer G.I. Joe? What girl WOULDN'T prefer G.I. Joe? No girl wants to date a boy who's prettier than she is, and let's face it, Ken's sexuality is in question. He's just too effeminate for your average hetero woman. Sure, he's cute, but he's a little TOO snappy a dresser.   

       Then again, G.I. Joe is a little too macho for my taste, and a hasty poll of my girlfriends reveals that others agree. So here's another idea: What about a Joe Average doll? He'd have glasses (which lots of girls find sexy), a receding hairline (ditto) or bald (also sexy), and a bit of a beer belly (cute!). He'd drive an ordinary car--nothing flashy--and have an ordinary job. He'd wear flannel jammies and fat boxer shorts and maybe one eye would be larger than the other, and he'd definitely have a gap between his front teeth, which this same aforementioned hasty poll suggests is a REAL bonus in a guy. He'd be as aw-shucksy as apple pie and as average as they come. In other words, he'd be a more realistic representation of what's REALLY appealing. I mean, come on. Ken? Ken would be a pain. Too much time in front of the mirror. And G.I. Joe is the kind of guy who'd get drunk and pick embarrassing fights in public, or at least challenge other guys to arm-wrestling contests. Too tough-guy and utterly boring. So what about a modest representation of Mr. Nice? Naturally, you'd have to market the hell out of him so that he'd catch on, but maybe he would. Sure, little girls want a pretty, fussy representation of a woman to emulate--i.e., Barbie--but speaking from experience, the man doll--i.e., Ken--was just an accessory anyway. He didn't really count. So why not make him more appealing and approachable? I don't think there's a male doll out there who's appealing. Joe Average would be. He'd be like a dad-guy in training.   

       I mean, is Ken REALLY that appealing? Does G.I. Joe solicit admiration from anyone but little boys? Nah. Let's get Barbie a better boyfriend.
rachele, Jan 07 2001

       I just happened to catch a glance of my receding hairline with my bigger eye in the rearview mirror of my 1987 Dodge Shadow after I picked my glasses [which fell from the gap between my teeth] off my beer-gut after I got back from an average day at my blue-collar job. Welp, I'm gonna have me some of Mrs. Smiths Dutch Apple Pie and get out of these fat boxers and into my flannel pajamas. Aw shucks, maybe I'll have 2 slices to go with the beer, Doll.
thumbwax, Jan 07 2001


       lest we forget Barbie's gay entourage
tentacle, Jan 07 2001


       Yes! You've got it. Please contact Mattel immediately. All you have to do is show up. (Can you talk through burps? It's nice to have a talent...)
rachele, Jan 19 2001

       "Remembers important dates" Ken, "Secure enough in his manhood to buy feminine hygene products when you're home with cramps" Ken and the ever popular "Let's just cuddle" Ken.
phoenix, Aug 11 2001

       actually, the kama sutra is a whole guide on how to live your life, it's just the chapter with the sex in it that everyone knows about, so possibly they'd me more like just erotic barbies but that's just me being pedantic again
dekoi, Sep 17 2001

       This would work better if instead of Ken and Barbie the dolls would be patterned after celebrities or political figures.
livingstereo, Aug 22 2007

       You mean Ken isn't patterned after John Edwards?
RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2007


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