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Specially-Priced Version of the DVD with OST Included On The Same Disk
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Many times when movies are released their is an accompanying OST (Original Soundtrack) album to go with it. In fact one of my recent favorites, The Virgin Suicides, had 2 soundtrack albums. Wouldn't it be cool if they used up all that extra space available on DVDs for featurettes, additional language tracks, etc. and allocated some of it to adding the OST. You could still buy the OST and the movie DVD separately if you wished but they could have a specially-priced version of the DVD which included all of the music as well. It could even be priced the same as the normal cost of the DVD and the CD added together. I just would like the opportunity to save space and increase organization in my media collection.
dgeiser13, Oct 13 2000

Blair Witch 2 is a hybrid CD/DVD http://www.50footdv...ook-of-shadows.html
They pressed the CD on one side, the DVD on the other. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]

Hybrid 2-layer CD/DVD http://www.newscien...6&sub=Hot%20Stories
They tried to make hybrid disks with both a CD & DVD on one side, but failed. Details here. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]

DualDisc approved by DVD Forum http://www.highfide...newsnumber=12004614
Jun 14 2004: "...the market is also likely to embrace DVD-Video/CD hybrids, with movie or concert titles offering up a CD version on one side of the disc." [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]


       Actually, The Matrix DVD and several others (Alien: 20th Anniversary being one...I think) feature alternate audio tracks featuing only the film score (and in The Matrix's case, some spoken commentary as well, unfortunately), which is sort of like including the OST on the disc, but you have to have the movie playing with it, and is also dotted with silent spaces when dialogue is spoken.
mrkillboy, Oct 22 2000

       Another way to do this is to hybridize the actual soundtrack CD with the DVD, either by pressing it on the other side or using a double-layer disk. Ooops, turns out the double layer thing doesn't pass muster. See links.
krelnik, Jun 02 2003

       Update: the DVD Forum (which controls the standards by which DVDs are made) has officially approved a new standard called "DualDisc", which is basically a DVD on one side, and a CD on the other. Your idea can be implemented using this.
krelnik, Jun 14 2004


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