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Karaoke sushi orrery

Can't believe this has not been posted yet
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An oversized orrery has, instead of the planets, small dishes, each containing an appropriately planetary themed rice and seaweed confection.

(e.g. Mars can have pickled ginger, Venus can have passion fruit, Neptune can have fish, Uranus can have... well you get the idea.)

In the centre is a lamp surrounded by Fresnel lenses, to focus its light into the plane of the diners and dishes.

Diners’ seats are mounted on a track corresponding to the Oort Cloud. Pressing a lever attached to your seat sends you on a comet-like parabolic swoop towards the centre and around the lamp, where you may grab a morsel as you pass its dish. Timing is critical if you have a particular dish in mind.

Black-clad ninja chefs dodge and dive beneath the support arms to keep the dishes well stocked.

As the device rotates (each arm at a different speed of course) it plays sweetly the music of the spheres. Each diner has a stalk mounted microphone by their seat, allowing them to hum along to the planet of their choice.


pocmloc, Jun 09 2010

The Harmony of the Spheres http://www.willieruff.com/kepler.html
By Willie Ruff - an appropriate soundtrack. [pocmloc, Jun 09 2010]

A Clockwork Buffet Damn, I never saw this prior art until now. [pocmloc, Mar 02 2022]


       Orrery Lazy Susan?
Jinbish, Jun 09 2010

       + best sushi idea of the day...with added karaoke for flavor.
xandram, Jun 09 2010

       What xandram said. I think you've finally cracked the code and discovered what makes a sushi idea work.
swimswim, Jun 09 2010

       Orrery Lazy Susan is an interesting idea, but since a lazy susan is usually a disc, and an orrery is usually a series of prongs, I am struggling to amalgamate the two.
pocmloc, Jun 09 2010

       This is neither the worst orrery idea, nor the worst sushi idea in the HB.
mouseposture, Jun 09 2010

       All this needs it a touch of custard
senatorjam, Jun 10 2010

       If only this were a perpetual motion orrery...
swimswim, Jun 10 2010

       If only this didn't include karaoke.
FlyingToaster, Jun 10 2010

       // I am struggling to amalgamate the two.//   

       Say not the struggle nought point five availeth.
pertinax, Jun 10 2010

       [senatorjam], the Asteriods are represented by a plethora of custard-based deserts.   

       [swimswim], of course the device is powered by P.M.
pocmloc, Jun 10 2010

       Best sushi idea i've seen, though my only problem would be that i find sushi restaurants quite difficult at the best of times, this would likely push me over the edge, bun regardless
ComatoseSheep, Jun 10 2010

       A lovely idea
Voice, Mar 03 2022


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