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Sushi Train Smash-em-up Derby

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Normal sushi train restaurants have a single rotating track of sashimi and hand roll filled plates that pass in one big loop before you. In this restaurant there are at least three tracks that pass over each other in different locations, and each moves at varying speeds.

Invariably plates will collide from time to time causing patrons to hoot with excitement and give entertaining leaps from their stools as rice and seaweed randomly jettisons into the air and onto laps or into ornate wigs.

An M.C. narrates the culinary disasters via a microphone and also hands out wasabi.

benfrost, Feb 23 2006


       I'm imagining Gomez Addams presiding.
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2006

       Maybe just two tracks that criss-cross, the M.C. can announce-   

       "Radies an Gentremen! Yerrowfin Tuna versus Carifornia Roll!!!"   

       Then you are treated to a sushi joust, mideval times style.
Pac-man, Feb 23 2006

       I'm prepared to barter on this one. I will exchange a bun for the inclusion of scalextric type triggers to control the speed of the various belts.
wagster, Feb 23 2006

       Bun for the phrase 'normal sushi train restaurants.' Never 'eard of such a thing. But then again, I live in the capital city of the state of boredom.   

       Can it push around a rolling goldfish bowl?
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2006


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