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Perforated Sushi

Two Bites; No Mess
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Some people say one should eat a whole piece of sushi in a single bite, but I find sushi lasts longer and is more enjoyable when I bite each piece in half and then finish it in a separate bite. But it always breaks unevenly, leaving smushed bits of fish and seaweed dropping or hanging awkwardly in my fingers. After the roll was sliced, it should be partially slit through so that when the first bite is taken, the remainder forms a semicircle that holds together until you are ready for it.
phundug, Mar 07 2011


       bisecting the length or width?
daseva, Mar 07 2011

       For a piece shaped like this (________) it would be perforated like (____:____)   

       For a 6-piece roll which comes in the form of six flat cylinders, bisect into semicircles.
phundug, Mar 07 2011


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