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Keralan Kocktails

Think you're tough? Drink this alien blood.
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Take some of those extraterrestrial cells they had raining down in Kerala, and brew 'em with some delicious liqueurs, to boldly drink what no man has drunk before. Why? For coloring, novelty, flavor, and to usher in a whole exciting new age of space additives.

Martian Sunset Margaritas. Bloody Alien Marys. Cosmospolitans.
The taste is out of this world! *groan*

nihilo, Jun 09 2006

Red rain in Kerala http://en.wikipedia.../Red_rain_in_Kerala
The sky is falling -- let's drink it. [nihilo, Jun 09 2006]

Red rain on CNN. http://www.cnn.com/...red.rain/index.html
Loonies, loonies, everywhere. [nihilo, Jun 10 2006]

(?) Red Rain in Popluar Science. http://www.popsci.c...004eecbccdrcrd.html
"Popular lunacy", you mean? [nihilo, Jun 10 2006]

Red Rain in the journal Astrophysics and Space Science http://www.arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0601022
the peer-reviewed published paper [nihilo, Jun 10 2006]

Mars 2112 http://www.mars2112.com/
Wondering if *this* would have been labelled a WIBNI if it had been posted here first. [DrCurry, Jun 10 2006]

Spaceballs http://www.youtube....=happy%20fun%20ball
Things from space are fun. [nihilo, Jun 10 2006]


       Thanks for putting in a link. Even if it makes it pretty clear that only a couple of loonies are claiming the dust is extraterrestrial life.   

       Let's all drink it. -
baconbrain, Jun 10 2006

       The paper on Kerala's red rain cells was published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Astrophysics and Space Science.   

       A more plausible alternative explanation that takes into account the characteristics of the particulates has not yet been provided.   

       This isn't a "let's all", a WIBNI, magic, or a recipe. It's an idea for marketing a unique drink product ostensibly derived from space dust. Whether the particles actually turn out to be extra-terrestrial organisms or not is irrelevant. The selling point is [Here's This Crazy Beverage Brewed From Kooky (Possibly Alien!) Liquid], for the "exxxtreme!" Mountain Dew-crowd. Code Red's got nothing on this drink.
nihilo, Jun 10 2006

       I don't think this is a recipe at all - it's a product. But it is just algae spores, you know.
DrCurry, Jun 10 2006

       Except that they don't look like spores, they look like cells.   

       Except that they don't appear to contain any DNA.   

       Except for the high content of phosphorous and aluminium not found in terrestrial cells.   

       Except that they remain viable and replicate at higher temperatures than any organism on earth.   

       Except that they have been stored in water for 4 years with no sign of decay.   

       But sure, they *could* be algae spores.
nihilo, Jun 10 2006

       And considering all this information, the most obvious course of action is to ingest them.
fridge duck, Jun 10 2006

       Exactly! Like Happy Fun Ball. [link]
nihilo, Jun 10 2006


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