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Liquor Man

just like mom used to make
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Its like the icecream man, but who sells liquor and cigars for the adult population.
Tacobelldog, Jul 18 2005


       Sounds nice, but I think you will find it contravenes local law in most areas.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2005

       Liquor Man....I keep reading one of the other ideas here as Invisible Drinking Partner.
If Liquor Man comes around on Sundays I'm all for it.
Zimmy, Jul 18 2005

       Only as long as he has an equally catchy jingle as the icecream man. [+]   

       (Side Note: Eddie Murphy has a hilarious stand up skit about the ice cream man.)
JuJuHound, Jul 19 2005

       //sells liquor and cigars// A highly flammable combination to be sure. [+]
pooduck, Jul 19 2005

       "I calls my man Drambuie"
"In't that some kind of fancy Liquor?"
Ling, Jul 20 2005

       "Can you hear that wobbling, slurring jingle?"   

       "Yeah! It's the liquor man!"
wagster, Jul 20 2005

       This is a cosy halfway house that exists between the polarised reality of ice cream vans which, experience tells me, have cornered the market in selling (a) ice cream and (b) controlled substances of a mind-altering nature.
calum, Jul 20 2005

       Interesting point [calum] - isn't alcohol a (partially) controlled mind-altering substance?
coprocephalous, Jul 20 2005

       He should sell porn and condoms too.
iracohens, Jul 21 2005

       "...and Shandy Boy!"
hippo, Jul 21 2005


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