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Ketchup on a Sling

Centripetal Force Extracts Last Drop
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This would be a ketchup bottle with a sling-apparatus, with the mouth of the bottle pointing away from the axis of rotation. For that hard-to-get last few blobs of ketchup, simply swing the bottle around ala David-and-Goliath, bring to a halt and uncap.
mailtosalonga, Jul 15 2004

(?) Quote http://www.philly.c...n_baer/10527360.htm
Other attributions are to Ogden Nash and, for some reason, e.e.cummings [Basepair, Mar 11 2005]

NASA on ketchup with Richard Armour http://science.nasa..._elastic_fluids.htm
Shear thinning. [baconbrain, Mar 11 2005]


       October 2004 disk crash.
mailtosalonga, Mar 11 2005

       Comments lost to October 2004 disk crash.
mailtosalonga, Mar 11 2005

       I remember the idea, though. Creates a funny image. +
bristolz, Mar 11 2005

       [flashes back to tragic incident]   

       Just make sure the cap is on tight.
normzone, Mar 11 2005

       <pedant> The centripetal force in this set-up is the tension in the sling, which *is* needed to counteract the centrifugal force that will drive the ketchup into the neck of the bottle. This centrifugal force is simply inertia, but the term has recently come under criticism. The problem seems to be that most folks think "centrifugal force" is a force like gravity, which irritates pedants. Pedants insist it is simply inertia relative to a center of rotation, but they somehow have decided to throw the term out entirely, rather than defining it simply. Damn those pedants! </pedant>   

       Just shake the bottle a few times, then take off the cap. Ketchup is thixotropic, which refers to its habit of changing from a solid to a liquid when disturbed.   

       "Shake and shake the ketchup bottle. None'll come; then a lot'll." -- Ogden Nash
baconbrain, Mar 11 2005

       I thought it didn't sound very Ogden Nashish. Apparently it is by Richard Willard Armour (link), though often attributed to Nash.
Basepair, Mar 11 2005

       [Basepair] Thank you. I shoulda looked it up. A pedant on his own petard.
baconbrain, Mar 11 2005

       It would take a very pedantic Englishman to point out that a petard is actually a sort of bomb used to breach a castle wall or gate, and that one cannot therefore really be 'on' it in a meaningful sense. I am that pedantic Englishman :-)
Basepair, Mar 11 2005

       Dang! I knew that, too. Thanks again.
baconbrain, Mar 11 2005

       When you say "Dang!", I think you mean...no, never mind. :-)
Basepair, Mar 11 2005

       Hey, I didn't know that when you annotate something, it flies back on to the home page for everyone's viewing pleasure. This ketchup on a sling is a pretty old idea.
mailtosalonga, Oct 03 2005

       That seems like a lot of work for a couple of dollops of ketchup...   

       What aboot senior citizens???
nahte123, Oct 03 2005


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