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Spray Ketchup

For those hard-to-reach burger places
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Forget about squeezeng or hitting the old ketchup bottle. With the new Ketchup Spray you can fill with ketchup all those hard to reach places.

This product can also be used as deodorant, brass polisher, hair treatment, short term graffiti tool, and xmas trees decorator.

just shake psst and enjoy!

noyola, May 18 2009

And I really liked it when [po] did it. carbonated_20ketchup
[blissmiss, May 18 2009]

and someone thought of it in1988... http://pqasb.pqarch...ETCHUP&pqatl=google
[xandram, May 19 2009]

here's the article http://news.google....BAJ&pg=6429,6882177
[xandram, May 19 2009]


       I like this. +
blissmiss, May 18 2009

       Wouldn't there need to be an inert pressurized gas inside the (now metal) ketchup bottle, ere can? Is carbonated ketchup very tasty? I don't know, just curious...   

       I make homemade 'super-strong' bloody Marys - (practically tomato brandy: 25% alc/vol min) - by using concentrated tomato juice. I don't know where to buy concentrated tomato juice, so I use various ratios of tomato paste to water to make it myself (plus, an obscene amount of salt: a necessary evil). One problem I've found though, is that air dissolved in the tomato juice (during the blending operation) is near impossible to get out. I've found, empirically, a process which avoids this. But [noyola], you're Intentionally adding a gas - (probably O=C=O, or N2O) - to this tomato-based product.   

       Whipped ketchup frappe, anyone?
Speed Razor, May 18 2009

       I like the idea of a xmas tree decorator. The ketchup might stop the needles from falling on the carpet.
skegger, May 18 2009

       [Speed Razor] I try hard to read the post but I can't read beyond "homemade 'super-strong' bloody Marys" Forget the post! I'm having one of those! hehehe
noyola, May 18 2009

       [21Q] All needed then is some spray rum and voilá: you can get drunk without drinking, just apply both sprays to the skin. Thanks for the plus.
noyola, May 18 2009


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