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Key Fob that remembers

"Did I lock the car?"
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With this Idea, you need not remember anymore. Imagine a key fob that can tell if you actually locked your car. When you press the lock button, it then waits for a signal from the car that tells it that it is locked. It then remembers that locked/unlocked state, and displays it onto a small LCD which says "LOCKED 10:44AM" or "UNLOCKED 12:32PM".

It displays the locked/unlocked state of the car, as well as when that state was updated.

twitch, May 30 2007

Halfbakery: Key with lock status indicator Key_20with_20lock_20status_20indicator
The mechanical version of this. [jutta, May 30 2007]


       Truly marvellous and easily worth a bun. I can't believe this doesn't already exist. I want one for my house too.   

       I suppose this will never come into being as the future of car locking lies in there being a 'card' in your pocket, and the car is simply unlocked when you are nearby or locked otherwise. Once this filters down to cheaper cars, your idea will no longer be needed.   

       What a missed opportunity...
theNakedApiarist, May 30 2007

       Had a friend looking for something like this for his garage door. Never could remember if it was left up or down. [+]
cblunds, Jun 01 2007

       My mother in law could use this; "did I shut the curling iron off?" is a constant fear.
RayfordSteele, Jun 02 2007

       Super simple, way smart. There needs to be a confirmation signal from the car that tells the fob what the car actually is, not just the fob remembering which button was pressed last.
elhigh, Jun 05 2007

       I want one, and I want it right now. Could have used it just this weekend.
Noexit, Jun 05 2007

       Every thing is redundant with new tech. Everything. With exception of some crazy whacked-out things coming out of HERE.
twitch, Jun 05 2007

       Father: "Jimmy did you take the car out with Dana last night?"   

       Jimmy: "No dad I was studying."   

       (Father checks key fob)   

       Father:"You're busted kid."
punk_punker, Jun 05 2007

       People actually lock their cars?
nuclear hobo, Jun 06 2007

       On my street, I lock the car even If i'm just stepping in for 1/2 a minute.
twitch, Jun 06 2007

       A definite +
The number of times I have gone back outside to make sure I locked the car, because I couldn't remember...

       This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas.   

       <edit> Instead of the time, two LEDs: Red = locked, Green = unlocked?
Ling, Jun 06 2007

       If I had a hat, I would be removing it in your honour.
Bad Jim, May 31 2008

       Awesome idea. OCD'ers rejoice! [+]
Klaatu, May 31 2008

       Volvo just took this one. Score one for me.
twitch, Aug 11 2009

       Nice! [+] Maybe it can also be programmed to display what the key is for, such as "parents' house". This would help forgetful people. (I threw away 2 keys this weekend... I have no idea what locks they went with)
Gamma48, Aug 11 2009

       As with any status system, it wouldn't tell you the reality of the situation just the last reference.   

       'Locked 7:45am' at 12:00pm doesn't show that your divorced wife/husband has taken back the car.
wjt, Aug 12 2009

       //Awesome idea. OCD'ers rejoice! [+] — Klaatu, May 31 2008 //   

       OCD'ers can now simply repeatedly check that the indicated time is actually the same as the time they locked the car, then that the device is actually working (by returning to the car to verify that it really is locked) etc. OCD will find a way - more things = more things to check.
Twizz, Aug 12 2009

shinobi, Aug 12 2009


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