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Musical Keys

Tuned car and house keys
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Different sized keys tuned slightly above a certain note, so when cut they would land on (or very close to) a musical note of your choice.

Jingle them for a pleasant sound, or throw them up in the air for wind chime like sounds.


Giblet, Sep 27 2006

Key chip story http://news.bbc.co....ounties/5382878.stm
[angel, Sep 27 2006]


       You really don't have anything but the pun here, do you?
DrCurry, Sep 27 2006

       I like the idea of having my keys tuned to concordant notes.
wiml, Sep 27 2006

       Jingle your keys all you like, but if you have the Remote Entry/Security keys common to so many modern cars you'll find that throwing them around can be a very expensive pastime. A computer chip car key normally costs $125-$150 to replace, and they can be easily damaged by immersion and rough handling.
jurist, Sep 27 2006

       Speaking of key chips... (linky)
angel, Sep 27 2006

       Yeah.... the pun was entirely unintentional.   

       The idea DrCurry was the keys being in tune to each other.   

       Thought I explained it fine.   

       My keys have a strained minor sound to them, and I think a more pleasant tone would be nice.
Giblet, Sep 28 2006

       I had a coworker who would drill most of the metal out of his keys. His keychain, despite the number of keys on it, was amazingly light. I never had the guts to try such a thing, but it seemed a good idea.   

       As for drilling keys to alter the pitch, that might be harder since the irregular shapes will cause each key to resonate at multiple frequencies. Getting all the frequencies produced by each key to have a pleasing harmonic structure might be doable by trial and error, but it would probably be necessary to start over a few times with each key.
supercat, Sep 28 2006


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