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Retinal scanners

Retinal scanners have a great feature
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The idea is to use retinal scanners as a method to lock/unlock/start cars as they have the added "feature" of not working when you are drunk/stoned and have bloodshot eyes. Oh ya, keeps you from loosing yer keys 2. There would be some temporary approval method to allow the valet to park yer def ride.
WhiteWiz, Mar 07 2004


       Machines make lousy keepers. I want cars that can tell I'm feeling a life or death situation coming on and will allow me to drive off in any available car ... like that audi over there ...
dpsyplc, Mar 07 2004

       If valets can override it, surely you can override it yourself if your eyes are saying "don't drive".
kropotkin, Mar 08 2004

       I'm interested to know if bloodshot eyes have bloodshot retinas, also.
I would have to over-ride it by using one eye at a time, since when testing both together, I'm sure the scanner would easily detect crossed eyes.
Ling, Mar 08 2004

       Retinal scanners match the pattern of veins in your retina to a known pattern, when your eyes are bloodshot the veins are noticeably swelled. This would depend a bit on your accuracy/grace margin.
WhiteWiz, Mar 08 2004

       there are several patents on this idea already.
xaviergisz, Mar 08 2004


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