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Kickboard mom can use to lose baby weight and bond
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It's a kickboard fashioned with a baby seat that a new mom can use. Think a baby bath mixed with a kickboard.

The baby is safely strapped into the seat, which comes with a removable liner so baby can be allowed to feel the water or protected from it.

The mom then can do her laps, exercising with the baby and developing a bond.

This helps a new mom lose the baby weight and solves the problem of how she can exercise without having to leave the baby in someone else's care. It also introduces the baby to water.

Or course the dad can use it too.

Note: Not for moms on crack or otherwise unable to understand how water works.

kjjpdx, Jun 24 2005

Can't you just use a regular baby float as a kickboard...? http://www.histolog...ods&item=B00007FY4H
[DrCurry, Jun 27 2005]


       UK Translation Service

Kickboard = Swimming float (I think....)
Minimal, Jun 27 2005

       Don't babies float anyway?
angel, Jun 27 2005

       So, will the baby be in the front of the trajectory or in the wake? I wonder, if instead, the baby could 'ride' the mother somehow while she used the kickboard. Hmm... no, getting him up there would require a second party. Yes, your idea is good, but is it so much better then just holding the baby-in-innertube to the front of the kickboard with your hands?
daseva, Jun 27 2005

       It would be more complicated and thus more expensive and likely more profitable- so yes, it is better.   

       The baby would be in front of the mom, so she can keep an eye on them. Also she can interact and make faces and stuff to entertain the kid.   

       I see fitness nuts with kids buying this, moms with the intention of losing the baby fat quick, and people who just buy a lot of stuff.
kjjpdx, Jun 30 2005


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