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Internet Dunk Tank

When its March, and the school fair isn't till November, and you don't like fairs much anyway.
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Maybe all of you haven't heard about the guy in Texas who set up a remote hunting system. A rifle with a video camera on a deer stand in the woods, that can be aimed and shot via the internet. Well when I first heard of this, I immediately thought, what if you were getting all ready to shoot a deer remotely, and some yokel walked right into your line, maybe looking to bag YOUR deer the easy way, tracking, scentblock and hours of waiting. I don't know about you, but that'd make me so freakin mad, I'd feel like just shooting at a target to drop some sucker into a tank of water. So I'd go to the dunk tank site, where I'd be able to watch and aim in real time while I made the poor fool wet for a fee.

Maybe we could have celebrity dunks, where we auction off shots at the 3rd place amazing race finishers or Saddam or Bush look-alikes.

miggavin, Dec 13 2005


       Maybe you're right, skinflaps, ill take that out, and the porn part too. And I don't delete annos.
miggavin, Dec 13 2005

       I'm sorry, but when I first saw the name, I thought you'd dreamt up some sort of internet toilet.
Honduras, Dec 13 2005

       I thought he was mad at his internet connection...
eupoth, Dec 14 2005

       I mis-read this as "Internet Drunk Tank".
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005


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