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Hull of a lot of legos

Ship hull made of zillion curved pieces of plastic locked together
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You build it yourself, or the Japanese/ Belgian robotic conspiracy builds a lego- clicking robot to build one for you... OK, this idea is not completely far- fetched, because A) the chord of the hull is determined by stamping out custom- made bricks in a fabulator, and B) you slather a buncha tar or fiberglass paste or carbon-fiber glue over or inside each brick...Or stretch that heat-sensitive skin over the outside and bake in your giant oven for a few days or weeks until it all cures up kinda like a shrinky-dink of yore. Think of the fun if you do it yourself, and find one piece left over once you're done...
cloudface, Dec 07 2004


       Not Legos, bricks or Lego bricks. Legos would be multiples of the company.   

       I have a Lego watch, key ring and X-wing in my room as I type. I'd like this if it came with the afforementioned robot but I don't have time to construct it myself.   

       One day I would like to live in a house made from Lego.
harderthanjesus, Dec 07 2004

       Because they're air-filled, lego bricks insulate surprisingly well. You might very well enjoy living in that lego house.   

       I'll give it a bun for sheer simplicity. You wouldn't even need custom bricks - you could just use those little turret-top bricks.
shapu, Dec 07 2004

       You could make this like an immensely difficult puzzle. Provide all of the pieces, each with a slightly different curve, to perfectly form a hull.
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

       My big fear here would be that just as i was putting the finishing touches to my Lego aircraft carrier, come yacht, come speed boat.... my big brother would come and stamp on it out of his sheer frustration at not having a single creative bone in his oversized civil serving clamy purile carcass.   

       I think I've said too much.
etherman, Dec 07 2004

       'There's a leak in the hull! Quick find the captain' - 'Which one is the captain?' - 'That guy over there with the big yellow head and the stupid smile'
benfrost, Dec 08 2004

       That's me at the stoplight.   

       Losing my clay pigeon.
bristolz, Dec 08 2004

       I am the proud owner of a working building-brick phone. (Tyco, not lego, unfortunately). When I eventually get a digicam I'll click some photos of the lego clock. Not quite finished, it needs a base of some sort.
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2004

       [Rayford] Will you have to use the bricks from the phone to build the digicam? Could be a problem...
ian_mackereth, Dec 08 2004

       "Hello. Noah here. Need to buy a Few dozen cubits of Legos. Yes... Hungry hungry hippos again. We learned not to house them below the waterline."
popbottle, May 10 2017

       You could just approximate the curve of the hull with a blocky profile in close-up, and if you wanted to improve on that, use a great big hot iron to melt and ensmoothen the boundary into your preferred shape.
zen_tom, May 10 2017

       // great big hot iron //   

8th of 7, May 10 2017


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