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Kiddy Phone

A cell phone for toddlers
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A pager sized phone that a toddler could cary around--perhaps a watch. A couple of buttons, possibly labeled "mommy" and "daddy" ("mommy1" "mommy2" or "daddy1" "daddy2" for homo households) let the kid dial up parents by pushing one button. That way when your kid misses you or you want to know where in the mall your kid wandered off to, you can talk to 'em.
sh4linux, Nov 30 2000


       Good idea except that they would be pushing buttons every few min. I know when my sond gets a hold of the phone he is mashing buttons like mad, and he loves it!
barnzenen, Dec 01 2000

       This could also lead to situations where some idiot programs his work number into this thing. Next thing you know, the kid'll be calling Dad every 5 minutes. Bye-bye, job.
BigThor, Dec 08 2000

       I keep telling telemarketeers, who are trying to sell ouor family wireless service, that this is the type of (affordable) service that I am waiting for. I make due in the meantime, most recently using a portable, battery-operated baby monitor to listen to a teen left to study in a library, while I supervised another youngster selling girl scout cookies, and wheeled the new baby around to meet co-workers. It's the only way to get it all done. For the safety of children and the piece of mind of parents, please make this product.
pennysw2001, Apr 09 2001


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