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WiFi Skype phone for chain stores
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A very large number of McBurger outlets in my area are offering free WiFi. Not very many people seem to use it, but that might have to do with not wanting a McShake on your shiny iBook.

Now, if McBurger bulk produced a cheap mobile device with a very basic VOIP engine and WiFi, they could effectivly run a campaign where you can buy a $39 'McPhone' that can make free calls to anyone else with a McPhone -- so long as they are in a participating McBurger outlet, worldwide!

The low cost of the McPhone and 'loss' on free calls (not very much WiFi being used when you think about VOIP needs) would be offset by the increased sales of McFries while people sit around waiting for their Sunday call from distant friends.

The WalPhone, StarBucks- MochaFrothPhone and BordersPhone would all follow.... until (like loyalty cards) people got sick of accepting bags full cheap and nasty phones.

not_only_but_also, Jul 28 2005


       Hm, this sounds like it would work. I'd like to see some place try it.   

       But I don't think it would ever get off the ground, for one simple reason: McBurger doesn't want you to stick around. Get in, buy stuff, eat it there (if you have to, but they prefer not), get out. Having people stick around to talk on the phone wouldn't generate more sales, and customers that are actually hungry might find a store full of loud phone-talkin teens (which I'm thinking would be the primary consumer of this product) a little off-putting.
junglefish, Jul 28 2005

       i'd like to see someone make it without Mcwhatsit.   

       just stand outsude and make calls, there are probably more McThingy's than cell phone masts in london.
jonplackett, Jul 28 2005

       Anything that encourages even more suspicious looking youths to congregate outside a McChavs is a bad thing in my book. Mcphone? Mcbone.
HowardMarks, Jul 28 2005

       Great, more fat sweaty people on the net. [-]
etherman, Jul 28 2005

       oh hang on there now etherman (half-welcome back, btw) no one said anything about sweatiness.
dentworth, Jul 28 2005

       I think it would take about a McMinute for McManagement to decide it would be a good thing to inject McAdvertising into your conversation every 30 McSeconds.
Basepair, Jul 28 2005

       i have to agree with Basepair. i mean jeez there gonna want to get somthing out of it. chances are they would try somthing snakey like during your convosation you hear wispers like "McFries...." "McShakes...." and think after a while is it worth it...i mean common....there shakes arnt even that good. Where just gonna get more fat people who have convosations with there friends and family and accidently inject McAdvertising. It will be a whole new launguage. After a while a new race of McBraindead-frm-fone-radiation slaves will take over the world...think about it
ShadowFire666, Dec 14 2005

       I McCan't see what you McMean. I am McSure that this fast food comapny, whatever they are called, have had no McKing subliminal infuluence over my McLanguage! The fact that I called my kids Ronald, Donald and Bigmac is just a McCoincidence!   

       BTW, Here's your fishbone. Do you want fries with that? Have a nice day! Please drive through.....
Minimal, Dec 14 2005

       im telling you give it enough McTime and thats all were gonna Mc@*%$ing have. there destroying us...and we dont even know it. Luckly me and Minimal and on the go and were gonna stock up out basements....were gonna survive the McTakeover
ShadowFire666, Dec 15 2005


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