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Hoop-shaped mobile 'phone

No texting blindness
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A mobile 'phone in the form of a flexible hoop about a metre in circumference, normally carried rolled up and only able to receive. To send texts, unroll and plug together the ends, which induces rigidity. Texts are composed by a linear keypad and gradually scroll round the single-line display before being sent. Received texts are displayed in the same way. Can also be worn coiled about the arm like a boa or as a necklace. Voice calls use hands-free only. The point is to relegate texting to peripheral vision and retain the ability to look where you're going. The keys are marked by braille-like bumps, so there is no need to look while texting.
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2012


       While i'm sure it's possible to rebder the display virtually transparent, the text would still be in the foreground and the centre of the field of view. This would not be so with an annular device.
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2012

       //an annular device.// There is no way I'm wearing a mobile phone _there_.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2012

       Not even if it was on vibrate, [MB]?
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2012

       I think is is a magnificent idea, in specifics and general principle. Perghaps the phone could be powered/charged kinetically, with the wearer hula-hooping it round his or her neck while on the phone.
calum, Feb 20 2012

       //Can also be worn coiled about the arm like a boa or as a necklace// - it should writhe, sensually, when set to 'vibrate'.
hippo, Feb 20 2012

       //it should writhe, sensually, when set to 'vibrate'// enabled selectively by caller-id. You wouldn't want it doing that for just anyone.
mouseposture, Feb 20 2012


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