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The ultimate educational tool for non-Parents
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This program is designed to educate Non-Parents to the realities of parenting with children of all ages or to help existing parents to prepare for the future.

Employing a group of professional Child Actors in an adjustable home setting. Victims...I mean customers can experience what its really like to have children right down to simulated bills, hospital trips and tender moments. Programs can be designed to simulate any combination of children, ages, economic circumstances and significant life events(everwondered how you would answer the "Big Question" or the first boyfriend)

The ultimate gift for young parents to give to thier non parent friends who just dont get why they cant go out every weekend any more or why they traded in their little car for a minivan.

jhomrighaus, Mar 27 2006


       This has been baked by the TV show"Raise My Kids", where childless couples (who are contemplating having children) get to experience what it's like to have kids, by 'borrowing' someone else's for a week.
(I reckon that the show is more a ploy by the real parents of the kids to have a break...)
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 27 2006

       From this and your other idea I'm sensing a little built up tension from parenthood. Why don't you just get away for awhile. I'm sure the kids will be fine alone.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 27 2006

       I know the horror of having children, because I was one once.
ldischler, Mar 27 2006

       "Mom- I'm gay."   

       "Well, Allen, you are an actor. There's not really much indicating the contrary."
notmarkflynn, Mar 27 2006

       THE STERN PARENT Captain Harry Graham (1874–1936) Father heard his children scream, So he threw them in the stream, Saying, as he drowned the third, "Children should be seen, not heard."
xenzag, Mar 27 2006

       Good one. The concept's been used, but not much. What I really hate is child psychologists that have no children that think they know better than people who do have children. Psychologist: I see the problem. Your children need to share more. Mother: They are trying to kill each other! Psychologist: No, no, no. They are just obeying the inscrutable exhortations of their souls. Billy's gun: Bam! Bobby: (dies)
craziness, Apr 01 2006

       //What I really hate is child psychologists that have no children that think they know better than people who do have children.//   

       or HB members who Bone ideas about how to deal with kids who dont actually have kids. See 3 foot Kid exclusion zone.   

       //Billy's gun: Bam! Bobby: (dies)//   

jhomrighaus, Apr 02 2006

       Interesting idea... but I don't think having your kids can ever be simulated. It will always be different when they're YOUR KIDS right?
flynn, Jan 03 2007

       Yup. It's the difference between paintball and fighting a war.
wagster, Jan 03 2007


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