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Killer reprisal donor card

Give instructions on how to avenge/mark your death
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It's interesting how differently some people react to a loved one's murder. Some people turn to hate, and like the mother of murdered toddler James Bulger devote their lives to making the murderers' lives hell even after their release from prison. Others seem possessed with an astonishing, perhaps naive, capacity for forgiveness, bearing no hatred for appalling crimes.

I suggest we remove this burden from parents and other loved ones. Just as we carry donor cards to say what we want done to our bodies, and wills to specify what happens to our worldly goods, so we should be able to specify whether we would like to be avenged in blood. This would have particular application in areas where the death penalty is in force, but would have a far wider purpose. A 'no veangance' clause need not mean that the killer get off scot-free, but it would mean an acceptance that violence would bring no satisfaction or recompense. Of course, if you wanted them to pay in blood, it should also be your choice, subject to legal requirements.

Given the terrible effect the loss of a loved one can have, any indication to those left behind on how to react could be of benefit. Even the act of deciding what to put on the card would force us to think deeply about our values.

pottedstu, Sep 24 2001


       You dirty rat! You killed my brother!
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       You could always include this sort of thing as a condition of a normal will. To wit...

"...and to my brother, Ghengis, I leave my herd of fine horses which he shall inhereit upon the death of my killer and his family, friends and relatives and the destruction of his home and all habitations within a days ride of it."
DrBob, Dec 14 2001

       If Michael Howard was still Home Secretary this would be on the statute book by now.
Redbrickterrace, Dec 14 2001

       An eye for an eye leaves us all blind.
pogoman59, Feb 13 2002

       that would be an unusual accident though pogoman. what if you walked under a bus?
notripe, Feb 13 2002

       anyone ever heard of a blood feud?
squigbobble, Jan 29 2004

       Paying for a crime in blood could be an interesting option for community service. Blood banks could certainly use the extra input.
stilgar, Oct 26 2004


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