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Buildings full of standardized, networked, conferenced, telework cubicles
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A by-the-hour bookable/rentable telework cubical configured to a very stringent degree of standardization. Teleworkers who do not like to mix their work with home life would take a very short commute to the nearest facility.

In order to encourage adoption, a business could phase in the technology aspect as follows: at the lowest level the cube provides only a network jack with guaranteed QoS and the employee brings a laptop with them and attaches via VPN. A full size keyboard, monitor, and telephony equipment are provided to plug into the laptop.

At the next level, the company upgrades dedicated bandwidth to the provider and integrates their videoconferencing system with one provided in the cube, allowing micromanagers the constant surveillance they require to feel comfortable with telework, as well as actual productive teleconference use on the part of the employee.

At the final level, the employee need not even bring a laptop, just any security key system desired by the employer. A system in the cube is disk-wiped and automatically/remotely loaded with company software and employee personalizations before their arrival, and changes recorded after their departure.

This would offload all aspects of office space management, and most of desktop support, from individual companies to a few competitors that specialize in it.

skids, Apr 23 2006

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       It's a play off Kinkos.
skids, Apr 23 2006

       The copy shop.
skids, Apr 23 2006

       IT: 'Kin Hell, I thought it was an abbreviation.
Ling, Apr 24 2006

       I'm definitely for it, having worked in a few cube farms (all with soundtracks of "Corporate Accounts Payable, Mina speaking!" or its equivalent). For some people solitude is less conducive to productivity, but I think for most of us it's a good thing.
allterrainbrain, Apr 25 2006

       This might open the door for smaller businesses who cannot afford the cost of office space. Maybe you could make the first 1/2 hour free for those who just need a "quickie."   

       There should definitly be room for some customization, maybe some large LCD-based virtual picture frames on the walls so when you "log-in" to your office it has your perfect look and feel.   

       You could even go as far as to make the chair and tables motorized so they can auto adjust to you specifications.   

       Surely we can blend some super tech into these office spaces.   

       Hey, lets form an LLC and make this happen!
proee, Feb 05 2007


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