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Kissing notation

Grind lips together and pour the results into a document
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I will begin by confessing that I struggled to identify an appropriate category for this idea, but here we are.

Kissing notation is used to transcribe the inputs and reactions of two (or more) people involved in a kiss, such that persons trained to read kissing notation could recreate one of the great kisses, or any kiss for that matter that had been through the notation process.

This springs from my efforts to kiss my wife differently each time I tuck her in at night, our sleep cycles having diverged betwixt our work schedules and my Covid-era eccentricities. Working from home is the closest I will ever get to retirement, but it's drifted my circadian cycle(s).

normzone, Apr 25 2022

Kissing Simulator http://jimmylands.c...xperiments/kissing/
Whilst this certainly doesn't qualify formally as "notation" it is a reasonable model, and might serve as a starting place for such notation. [zen_tom, Apr 25 2022]


       Bun at the very least for the idea that there are others on this site that kiss their wives / significant others every night. This site really could use more references to love and kindness from people who actually practice it every day. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 25 2022

       What is this love of which you speak?
Voice, Apr 25 2022

       + sweet. Nice to see you Mr. Zone!   

       (slingshots A kiss across the country)
xandram, Apr 25 2022

       Published in an elegant letterpress volume with beautiful engraved diagrams
pocmloc, Apr 25 2022

       In the early days of the internet, when all the abbreviations were handed down in tablets of stone - I used to imagine that the xoxox notation that people sometimes leave at the end of a message as an alternative to xxx kisses, was some kind of french-kissing notation, where x's described pursed- mouth kisses, and the o's represented more exciting open- mouthed variations. I'm still not 100% sure it's not about that.
zen_tom, Apr 25 2022

       I misread this as "kissing rotation" and entered the room with trepidation.
21 Quest, Apr 25 2022

       I can see some challenges here - shorter and simpler kisses could be readily memorized, but longer and more complex kisses may require the kisser/kissee to be able to see the notation while kissing.   

       Thus we pass through the music stands we grew up with into phone apps that project the notation onto the wall for ready viewing, or perhaps the google glass approach.
normzone, Apr 25 2022

       I disagree; even complex dance notation had to be memorised, you don't dance with a book in hand.
pocmloc, Apr 25 2022

       That makes sense, [pocmloc] - I was envisioning more like piano students playing while looking at sheet music. You know, like when the teacher has a student who wants to be a competitive kisser, and they take lessons.
normzone, Apr 25 2022

       Right but then the complex whole is broken down into a grammar and vocabulary of small structural moves, and the moves are learned and practised individually until they can each be done with style and passion. Then there would be theoretical study of the ways in which great kissers of the past have combined different fragments, or even innovated new ones. Standard combinations could be come cliches, or could even become expected norms. The written notation is more a study guide and an exemplar to discover the underlying structures as a way to memorise, rather than as a script to sight-read from.
pocmloc, Apr 26 2022

       Unless, of course, you have studied your Agrippa!
normzone, Apr 26 2022

       I was also thinking of a Princess Bride quote, but I have to admit, it was from a lot closer to the end of the movie. <Adds a lip-clef into the orchestral notation for "Thus Spake Zarathustra">
lurch, Apr 26 2022


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