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Kitchen Enzymes

Use lots of lovely enzymes to help with the tougher washing up
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So, imagine the scenario, if you will. I've just cooked some rice. It's gone as well as might be expected and there's sufficient rice next to the other food items on my plate. The pan used to cook the rice however, is a little.... ricy. So, I do the decent thing, slosh in a bit of warm water and some detergent and hope. This is only a partially satisfactory method... true the rice will be a bit softer when I come to clean it up later, but it's still a faff.

So, in the brave new world afforded by the Dish-ase Trio* I would simply squidge in a bit of bacterially-sourced amylase. Then, while I'm happily munching on food, the enzymes are slowly but surely disintegrating my rice to a much-more-pour-down-the-sink-able sugary gloop.

Simply add some of the protease or lipase from the separate squeezy bottle if you have a roasting dish or what not. Enzymes for use on clothes are already baked and work in the sort of time frame we need, also the industry has already pre-toughened them for use in harsh environments. It should work and... people with a functional knowledge of enzymology will get their washing- up done faster, which is what they need... they've got assays to attend to.

* insert catchier product name.

bs0u0155, Dec 26 2012


       I wonder if any of the dishwasher stuff has enzymes in it? If not, a biological washing powder should tackle the proteins and fats, at least.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2012

       I can attest that a sprinkling of Ariel Ultra is perhaps the second finest thing at devouring scrambled egg. After me.   

       And dishwasher detergents do indeed contain enzymes. Deploying them all at the same time seems a little heavy-handed though, proteases should always be last, Shirley?
bs0u0155, Dec 26 2012


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