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Kitchen Traffic Cones

"DON'T STEP THERE--too late."
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Many is the time my mother has been sweeping the kitchen and dining area (God knows why) and I come in, not looking out for little piles of dust and crumbs (I know, I'm such a goddamn idiot) and of course I step right in the dirt pile.

"WHAT dirt pile?"

"That one!"

"I don't see one!"

"It's there!"

Well, maybe if Mom had some traffic cones (in a smaller size for the home) to cordon off these microscopic collections of filth, we could avoid such happenstance. Useful for helping me to avoid the apple juice spill from earlier today, too.

But for my room, such measures are hopeless. A can of spraypaint to emblazon "CONDEMNED" across yon portal is all I need, and that's not something that needs baking.

Eugene, Dec 02 2003

Folding caution signs http://www.shoplet..../db/RCP6114YEL.html
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I dunno, she prefers the broom...she could certainly get a vacuum herself if she wanted. I think she likes seeing the results. Personally, I think that sweeping could be done every other night, or weekly. As for traipsing through...what's to clean up? I can't see anything to clean up. Some traffic cones would preserve peace.
Eugene, Dec 02 2003

       Nice link, waugs, but I'm thinking something a little smaller.   

       Glad I could be of help, UB.
Eugene, Dec 02 2003

       How small? I've seen some less than a foot tall.
waugsqueke, Dec 02 2003

       Like three or four inches. Cutesy little rubber cones. Trust me, it'd make a difference.
Eugene, Dec 02 2003

       A broom which automatically deployed these things would be a great gift :^)
phundug, Dec 03 2003

       little piles of dust should be swept under the rug. thats the traditional method
po, Dec 03 2003

       Also useful for the floor in a barber-shop for the piles of hair.   

       Could it be enhanced to prevent my dogs (who chase the hoover/broom) from trampling through the dirt piles? I'm not sure how but I'm hoping you can make a suggestion.
dobtabulous, Dec 03 2003

       I thought the traffic cones were going to work as a KEEP OUT method. Don't you just hate it when you're cooking and people come in to distract you/mess up your recipe/ask silly questions like "is it ready yet?"/willing to volunteer?
Pericles, Dec 03 2003

       Do these come with small policemen, or a whole bunch of miniature workmen? Maybe there should be some kind of truck that drives along with a small guy in the back dropping the cones out every so often.
PeterSilly, Dec 03 2003

       Ideally, yes. "Whimsical as all get-out" is what I'm going for here, I think.
Eugene, Dec 03 2003


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