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Starfish Food Disposal

Marine animal food-waste disposal composting system
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Give the kitchen sink two drains: one drain is for liquids, soap, and water that is sent to the sewer; the other drain feeds directly into a giant sea star, crab, snail, and sea cucumber habitat tank. Now toss in your leftovers and watch them feed.
spiraliii, Mar 07 2007


       Why is a separate drain involved? Don't you just scrape the desirable parts directly from the cutting board or plate directly into the habitat tank?   

       I've never owned a giant sea star, but that's what we used to do for my black lab, Star, except we called her habitat tank a dog dish.
jurist, Mar 07 2007

       //Why is a separate drain involved?//   

       To separate the clean, domestic kitchen envrionment from the filthy marine environment. Just as you wouldn't put a vermicomposting canister in your kitchen you wouldn't want a giant marine tank there either, if you are going to be dumping food garbage into it. The cold-water tank can be set behind the wall, such as in the garage. And you won't have to lift the tank's lid to put pour food in and mess with a bunch of critters who want to climb out to explore your house, getting water all over the floor. I suppose a single drain with a switch installed, to sort foodscrap from potentially harmful scrap, would also do the trick. Or more conveniently, a separate recepticle in the kitchen, specifically for food disposal.
spiraliii, Mar 07 2007


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