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Not as bad as it could be.
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Tennis played with extra-fluffy tennis balls, but printed to look like kittens in a sort of rolled-up pose.

Available in white, back-and-white, tortoiseshell, siamese, tabby, blue persian and turkish van.

There. That wasn't so bad, was it ?

8th of 7, Nov 04 2015

http://www.chrisbee.../tennis-racket.html [pocmloc, Nov 04 2015]

Tribbles https://en.wikipedi...ouble_with_Tribbles
Star Trek Tribbles. [travbm, Nov 04 2015]


       OK. The catch. I'm waiting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2015

       Sounds like Tribbles to me.
travbm, Nov 04 2015

       Makes me pine for the days when Travbm started posting ideas.
4and20, Nov 04 2015

       Omg the borg is mellowing
not_morrison_rm, Nov 04 2015

       [marked-for-borg] waaaait a minute...
Voice, Nov 04 2015

       //the borg is mellowing//   

       I'll believe that when the blast door has a cat flap.
pertinax, Nov 05 2015

       <wait, wait, don't reel them in just yet ...>
8th of 7, Nov 05 2015


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