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Kittens in Disguise!

Or Puppies, puppies work too.
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Given that one of the major problems with trying to protect endangered species is that humans, sick fucks that we are, want to be the last person ever to kill a thundery leopard, or striped koala, or horse faced bison, or whatever.

Instead of trying to hide the few remaining individuals from these hunters, instead distribute dozens of decoys for each endangered individual. Put them in the same environment. But static decoys is not going to fool any but the drunkest of hunters, and also he is just not going to care if he has to blast away fifty or sixty dummy Cagney Snouted Ibises to get one trophy for his wall.

So inside of each decoy we put a cute cuddly kitten and a cute playful puppy. Their playful movements are used to keep the decoy moving around in a fairly natural fashion. And if a hunter should happen to shoot one, just think of the guilt when they realize what they have actually killed!

Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 30 2007


       Dress up Cane Toads instead.
Jinbish, Mar 30 2007

       Disguise a trophy hunter and shoot that instead.
skinflaps, Mar 30 2007

       Reminds me, oddly, of vegetrians who eat fish.
theleopard, Mar 30 2007

       Yeah, it really gets on my nerves when I'm basking in the shade of a tree, licking my paws after a slap-up boar, lounging with the cubs and me mrs, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a bunch of kitten-driven lion creatures come bounding over and scare the life out of the kids! Kill 'em I say. They're a nuisance. At least you know where you are with poachers, speaking as a mammal.
theleopard, Mar 30 2007

       or a protestant.
po, Mar 30 2007

       Protestant about getting the zip caught in his dolphin costume and being mistaken for a marine mammal by one of Britain's most lovely and entertaining writers.
zen_tom, Mar 30 2007

       As a hunter myself (never would have guessed it from the name, huh?), these types of hunts are ridiculous. It's not hunting, it's shooting, and if you're going to go shooting, hitting paper or clay can be just as entertaining. Hunting requires skill, dedication, luck, and time. These "hunts" just require a fat wallet. But I'm not too sure about killing puppies instead. The cats, I don't mind, but puppies are much more of a waste than those worthless felines.
Hunter79764, Mar 30 2007

       I agree. Substitute his/her child and it might work, but even a cute puppy/kitten won't cause enough guilt.
Hunter79764, Mar 31 2007


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