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Knee Brace App

Govern the bend
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Many knee braces are to prevent the knee from bending in an uncontrolled fashion, causing a fall. A brace might also prevent hyperextension and damage. The resistance to bending offered by a brace is very welcome when standing, somewhat less on walking and an impediment to running.

The Knee Brace App as a place to clip your phone. The phone accelerometer (and sometimes GPS) detects what sort of motion is going on and increases or decreases brace resistance accordingly. On standing, only gradual bending is allowed to prevent the knee from giving way. Walking allows a more measured bend and running the most bending, although a sudden bend not part of the pace of the run would meet more resistance.

The app comes with presettings but you can adjust it to your own preferences, by telling the KBA to allow more or less flex with a certain type of motion.

The PT model includes the above, but also will speak to you as you exercise, making suggestions based on detected motion of the joint and movement of the body.

bungston, May 12 2014

US 20100125229 https://www.google....YBw&ved=0CDwQ6AEwAQ
[xaviergisz, May 13 2014]


       Yes please.   

       + It could really work!
xandram, May 13 2014

       What [21Q] said ...
8th of 7, May 14 2014

       //to allow more or less flex with a certain type of motion.   

       Doing the cha-cha? But seriously some kind of variable tension knee bandage would be very handy, turned up 10 - climbing Everest turned down to zero, no pressure at all and no tourniquet effect...
not_morrison_rm, May 14 2014

       The variability would not be how hard the thing was clamped onto your limb. It would vary how much resistance there is to flex of the joint.   

       Or maybe the knee bandage idea was a diferent idea. One could also add variable tension brief underwear; Siri could be in charge of that.
bungston, May 14 2014


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