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woolly knees

knit some new knees with wool
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as we get older, one of the first parts to degenerate is our knees. replacement knees are all very fine and dandy (sheesh have you ever watched a knee replacement operation?!) anyway the replacement knees are hard like bone and work pretty well. the old lady next door has just returned from a visit abroad where she took part in some extreme blow-up doll white water rafting, she had the time of her life but there, I digress.

apparently scientists have been looking into the possibility of converting spider and silkworm yarns into materials as they are famed for their strength. unfortunately they are not having much luck. spiders are good at this process naturally as they can carefully monitor the amount of water that gets mixed with the proteins concerned, on the job so to speak. scientists are failing to replicate this process in the lab.

we might have better luck with lambs wool. as far as I can tell wool is pretty strong. it would also, have the added bonuses of that lovely springy feeling. with woolly knees one could boing boing along the high road with no worries.

in winter, just imagine your lovely warm knees (self-oiled) – you could go out with the weeniest mini-skirt and not feel the cold.

po, Aug 28 2003

[FJ] Here's an incentive http://www.rscdsnzb...MembershipForms.htm
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]

Possible Inspiration http://uk.news.yaho...0828/325/e71ar.html
[silverstormer, Oct 04 2004]


       Would I dare visit New Zealand in a kilt?
FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2003

       I'm down on my woolies, knitting po a new shift key.
pluterday, Aug 28 2003

       don't bother pluter, I wouldn't use it much anyway. knit me a hat instead.   

       FJ, I imagine you would be in serious danger in a kilt anywhere in the world :)
po, Aug 28 2003

       you have to pay them?
lostdog, Aug 28 2003

       they're free on the national elf.
po, Aug 28 2003

       there's something about "weeniest mini-skirt " that's a bit .....er...... something.
pjd, Aug 28 2003

       Where's my drawing? I demand a drawing!
k_sra, Aug 28 2003

       //you could go out with the weeniest mini-skirt and not feel the cold.//

Can't wait to test out your theory in the winter. I have wooden knees at the moment, well sounds like I do anyhow.
silverstormer, Aug 28 2003

       your knees are the bee's knees!
po, Aug 28 2003

       I have uncles who would undoubtedly love to brag about having wool knees. +
Pseudonym #3, Aug 28 2003

       silver, thanks for the link. I read something very similar to that. perhaps designer knees are the way to go. springy warm woolly ones are for me.
po, Aug 28 2003

       //Some scientists have been implanting spider genes into goats//   

       That was a risky experiment. They could have ended up with goats that climb on trees and eat all the leaves, or imagine a billy goat suddenly dropping behind you on a silken thread to give you a good whack in the neck. Very risky!
kbecker, Aug 28 2003

       Ha! Goat sized spiders....<shudder>
silverstormer, Aug 29 2003

       I think you can get leather patches for the insides...
silverstormer, Aug 29 2003


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