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new knees, hips

Old knees, hips are inferior
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Get hip/knee replacement surgery while you're still healthy and can recover from all that surgery. Maybe even have them all done at once!
dean, Jan 06 2000

abhi http://www.hotmail.com
[us, Jan 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why not replace the entire endoskeleton with a carbonfiber composite endo/exo skeletal hybrid? I suppose you'd have to wait until you were fully grown, and the attractiveness of the idea had waned somewhat.
jimfl, Jan 06 2000

       Surely the lifetimes of these things will get longer. It becomes an optimization problem. I would say that soon after your present parts become too inferior to the spare parts, but before you are so old that recovery from surgery will be problematic, would be a good time.
dean, Feb 02 2000

       Within 30-50 years we'll be regenerating duplicate organs to replace your worn out ones. No more titaninum/teflon joints but your own flesh and blood.
bromide, Feb 09 2000

       Even still, bromide, it would make sense to undergo "freshening" before the shock to your system would make it too difficult to undergo surgery.
centauri, Jan 16 2001

       *Takes notes for blackmail purposes*
thumbwax, Jan 11 2002

       <laughing at thought> Peter going around intoning in a daleky voice "baked" "baked" "baked" "baked"
po, Jan 11 2002

       is that how the petersealybot was born?
mihali, Jan 11 2002

       It only does "no new windows".
mwburden, Jan 11 2002

       (Laughs at the image of [PeterSealy] ever having been a kid)
phoenix, Jan 11 2002

       baked - see: Matt Hoffman
chud, Mar 15 2002

       Matt Hoffman had all his bones replaced by titanium replacement bones? Creepy. No wonder he recovers from crashing his BMX so fast.
croissantz, Aug 22 2004


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