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Kung Fu Zoo and Yoga, too

Virtual Asian animals
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This zoo area is dark as a Siberian winter night. With a tinge of panic you feel your way forward until bumping into a barrier of vertical bars. Reaching out between the bars, your right hand makes contact with an angled limb ending in curved claws. Your left hand reacts when recognizing the form of an open mouth. The warm, caged figure is very still. It feels like a leopard, but at the same time is so human-like.

The silent, motionless forms in the darkness generate a surreal sense of relaxation suspended only by visitors' sporadic yelps of surprise and delight.

You find your way to other cages, examining through the bars an immobile crane, a snake, praying mantis, monkey and even a dragon. Farther away are a caged crow, locust, cobra and a cow…or was it a cat? Stumbling out into the light, the first things you notice are birds and a squirrel moving freely in the treetops.

FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004

The Animal Styles http://www.ironcrane.com/html/animf.htm
[FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004]

Yoga Postures and Poses http://www.abc-of-y...actice/postures.asp
[FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004]

The Kung-Fu styles of Donald Rumsfeld http://www.poe-news...ures.php?feat=31845
Check out "Hidden Monkey Hands"! [wagster, Dec 07 2004]


       Beware, that may not be a monkey you are spanking.
skinflaps, Dec 07 2004

       Maybe I'm missing a pun, but the title seems to be for a different idea. Except that it has the word "Zoo" in it.   

       Nice idea though.
wagster, Dec 07 2004

       Maybe the links help.
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004

       From the title I thought this was going to be some sort of Dr Suess theme petting zoo.   

       How to give children nightmares and ruin their favourite bedtime story: put a hat on the leopard.   

       [cringes in anticipation of awful Dr Seuss pastiches]
moomintroll, Dec 07 2004

       This idea is lacking something emm ... emmm.. oh yeah! bread!
etherman, Dec 07 2004

       Sadly, practicing the animal styles doesn't make you turn into the animal.
harderthanjesus, Dec 08 2004

       Cool. Alternate title: "Stretching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (Sorry, I *had* to...)
spacecadet, Dec 09 2004


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