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Llama Laser Sights

This is not an idea about Sharp Shooter Llamas
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Llamas spit. To avoid being spit on, a laser sight can be mounted on the snouts of llamas. When the llama is about to spit, the muscles used in spitting will activate the laser. The one drawback of this is the laser will go further than the spit so some people out of the firing zone will be alerted needlessly. Being aware of the laser and reaction time once you see it is key to not recieving unwanted mucus. If the mucus is wanted (whatever floats your boat), disregard the laser.

To deal with the Parabolic Trajectory of the projectile the laser will be a vertical line versus a single dot. [Thanks RBStimers].

To deal with wind the llama will wear a propellar hat or cap hooked up to a motor on the laser that will compensate for wind drift.

MrDaliLlama, Aug 31 2005

Llamas + lasers = old school gaming http://images.googl.../images?q=llamatron
what [Jinbish] said [zen_tom, Sep 01 2005]


       //This is not an idea about Sharp Shooter Llamas// Actually it does seem to be   

pooduck, Aug 31 2005

       sp: mucus. (or mucous, I guess if you're a Brit receiving this, but I think not)
reensure, Sep 01 2005

       How are you proposing to compensate for the parabolic trajectory of the llama spit?
wagster, Sep 01 2005

       Yes [MrDaliLlama], how are you proposing to compensate for the parabolic trajectory of the llama spit? (Thank you [wagster], nice one)
zeno, Sep 01 2005

       Very Jeff Minter.
Jinbish, Sep 01 2005

       An Argentine gaucho named Bruno   

       Once said, ‘There is something I do know:   

       A woman is fine   

       And a sheep is divine,   

       But a llama is Numero Uno!   

ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 01 2005

       La llama es a quadruped que vive en los ríos grandes como el Amazon. Tiene dos oídos, un corazón, una frente, y un pico para comer la miel. Pero se proporciona las aletas para la natación.   

       Las llamas son más grandes que ranas.   

       Las llamas son peligrosas, así que si usted ve uno donde la gente está nadando, usted grita... "mire hacia fuera, allí son llamas!" (Python)
Dub, Sep 01 2005

       to allow for the parabolic trajectory, the laser could project a vertical line covering the area it might hit.
RBStimers, Sep 01 2005

       [Pooduck] I guess I have created Sharp Shooter Llamas. May the Llama Liberation Army use them well to free Llamas from sacrafice in Sun God rituals everywhere in South America. Parabolic trajectory would be a problem [Wagster]. [RBStimers]' idea to have the laser project a vertical line might work.
MrDaliLlama, Sep 02 2005

       Very Terry Pratchett as well. There was a camel called You Bastard in one of his discworld books, who was the World's Best Mathematician (spit trajectories).
Adze, Sep 02 2005


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