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LCD Strobe Glasses

Illegal to wear while driving.
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You know the 3-D shutter glasses for computers?

Well, how about a pair that turns both eyes on and off simultaneously, with programmable durations?

You know, it would be like a wearable strobe light. Try 'em out while skiing.

Make it into a single camera lens filter, and, voila, daytime stroboscopic photography.

turner, Sep 21 2001

LCD Sunglasses http://alphamicron.com/
Manually or automatically darkenable sunglasses [dkaleita, May 02 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

New scientist - 27 May 2006 http://www.newscien...mg19025536.100.html
Astronauts may soon wear goggles that simulate strobe lighting to avoid motion sickness... they include LCD "shutters" that switch rapidly from clear to dark... [xaviergisz, Jun 01 2006]


       To see water dripping up into a tap.
For faking long exposure pictures during daylight without buying slow film.
For faster flash sync speeds without buying leaf shutter lenses.

       Nice toy as a pair of shades (peril sensitive sunglasses?). Very useful as a second camera shutter for focal-plane cameras. I want one.
st3f, Sep 21 2001

       LCD response time is too slow (much slower than a mechanical shutter). Things would just look dim and flickery.   

       Why do you need a second camera shutter -- what's wrong with the first one?
egnor, Sep 21 2001, last modified Sep 22 2001

       [egnor] Sometime try taking a flash picture using a shutter speed that is faster than your camera's designated flash-sync speed. What you will find is that you get a picture that is part picture and part black. The reason for this is that the flash sync speed is the fastest speed where the first shutter of the camera finishes opening before the second shutter starts closing. Not a problem for non-flash pictures, but for flash pictures it means that no matter when the flash goes off, part of the frame is covered.   

       A camera with a leaf shutter works differently. The shutter irises open (like the 3rd door on MST3K), allowing a full frame no matter when the flash goes off during the open/close sequence. The problem with leaf shutters is that they are EXPENSIVE.   

       st3f was proposing using the LCD as a shutter because although the mechanism would be different than a leaf shutter, it would share the advantage of not blocking part of the frame while the flash was going off.
mwburden, Sep 22 2001

       I could see this actually being useful in lab / tech situations, where a strobe light might interfere with the phenomenon under study, {+}
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 18 2005

       Smart ! (+)
monojohnny, Jun 01 2006


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