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sunglasses with a certain surrealist tint
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With apologies to both Man Ray and Ray-ban. The illustration explains all.
xenzag, Feb 25 2007

Jan Saudek http://www.saudek.c...1975&typ=f&l=0&f=73
a mask for normzone's lips [xenzag, Feb 26 2007]

Bill Brandt http://www.artnet.c...randt-magritte.html
portait of Magritte [xenzag, Feb 26 2007]

Man-Ray-Bans https://sodabred.tu...ans-its-a-halfbaked
illustration [xenzag, Jan 23 2019]


       I love it. Now, what can you do for me with Bill Brandt and Jan Saudek?
normzone, Feb 25 2007

       So...they make you look like Liza Mineli?   

       How about Man-Ray-Bansai Kittens?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2007

hippo, Feb 26 2007

       [xenzag], that site won't let the link through. I love Jan Saudek's work.
normzone, Feb 26 2007

       curious - works fine for me... try http:// www.saudek.com then search under year 1974 for "Marie No 1", it's about the tenth photograph
xenzag, Feb 26 2007

       It's working fine now. So I could wear that instead of lip balm.   

       You're going to find Bill Brandt a bit of a challenge. I love his wide angle work.
normzone, Feb 26 2007

       ....well I'd be thinking of you, with a large apple hiding your face, holding the image in the last link, in both hands, in imitation of the pose contained within the photograph.
xenzag, Feb 26 2007

       You'll need your Philip Glasses for reading music, though.   

Murdoch, Mar 01 2007

       Maui Jim Henson's
zen_tom, Mar 01 2007

       Also good for blinding winter sun. Illustration transferred to Tumblr (link) (I'm a big fan of Man Ray)
xenzag, Jan 23 2019

       Interestingly, the owners of Ray-Ban, an Italian company called Luxottica have largely sewn-up the sunglasses market. So if you see sunglasses marketed under any of the names below, they actually all originate from the same place:   

       Alain Mikli, Arnette, Eye Safety Systems (ESS), Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Ray-Ban, Sferoflex, Vogue Eyewear, Giorgio Armani, Brooks Brothers, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Michael Kors, and Miu Miu.   

       (Taken from the wikipedia page)   

       Interesting from a monopoly perspective - that a single company can control so many different brands, and maintain an illusion of competition.
zen_tom, Jan 23 2019


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