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"Nail on" contact lenses

Great for halloween
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Once a lifetime experience !
jurgo, Sep 08 2000


       What blinding flash of insight made you think of THAT!
Alcin, Sep 08 2000

       I've heard that the blinding flashes from arc welding are good for `weld on' contact lenses.
Mickey the Fish, Sep 08 2000

       Alas, Mickey! You're making my eyes hurt! I had to read that just when I happen to be looking at a blindingly white page on a brilliant monitor in a dark room... ack. just thinking about electricity getting anywhere near my eyeballs makes me cringe. It's just not *natural*, I tell ya!
absterge, Sep 09 2000

Scott_D, Sep 10 2000

       The do-it-at-home kit for this is Peroxide (for cleaning your lenses) without the time-release neutralising tablet. Works a treat when you put them in after the night before, as well as trying to wash your eye under the tap you also get the fun of peeling lens and bits of cornea off together. Maybe it can be added to the S-M circuit.
Anchovy, Sep 11 2000

       Uuuggghhhhh! Think I'm gonna puke now.......
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       See the ending of 'Childs Play 2'. Must See Chucky.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2000


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