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LSD! The Marcel Marceau Mime Spectacular

Add a Psychedelic Touch to the Marvel that is French Mime
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Its Mime! It's French! It's Marcel Marceau seeing things that aren't there!

World renowned performer Marcel Marceau brings to you two hours of dramatic tripping as only he can. Minutes before gracing the stage Marcel will drop enough high quality acid to ensure the strangest of improvised theatrics - never before seen or unseen . .

Tickets are selling fastly.

benfrost, Dec 13 2001

Syd Barrett http://www.sydbarrett.net/
Why performers should avoid excessive amounts of LSD ... [Aristotle, Dec 13 2001]


angel, Dec 13 2001

       And how do you know he won't just lie on the floor giggling for 8 hours?
pottedstu, Dec 13 2001

lewisgirl, Dec 13 2001

       Watching mime is too much like a bad trip, as is.
Guy Fox, Dec 13 2001

       spelling is my fortay
benfrost, Dec 13 2001

       How about if the audience took the acid and Marcel did crank? I'd pay for that.
notripe, Dec 13 2001

       Since when were we ever given a say about having mime artists thrust in our faces? Give him Ketamine, that's what I say, and lots of it.
-alx, Dec 18 2001

       there's a saying "when on ketamine don't dance near a bookshelf" which probably doesn't apply to mime artists with no props. Worth remembering though.
notripe, Dec 18 2001

       At the end of the performance, [UB]? I'm not too sure, but I doubt it would be coherent.
cp, Dec 18 2001

       Oh so it's OK to trap mime artists in large glass boxes but it's not OK to give them mind expanding drugs. Is that what we're saying here? Is it? Is it?
stupop, Dec 18 2001

       //Its Mime! It's French!//

Did you really think that this was a good way to get a croissant? Really?
DrBob, Dec 18 2001

       Remember, mime is money.
stupop, Dec 18 2001

       Remember, slime is runny!
DrBob, Dec 18 2001

       Are there kittens under that table?
jimithing, Dec 18 2001

       Remember, bees make honey.
phoenix, Dec 18 2001

       Remember, green's from Cali.
jimithing, Dec 19 2001

       Mimes actually have a really precise art. If you added LSD then you'd just have a tripped out guy flopping around and I can see that en mass any weekend of the schoolyear at my college. Speaking of which there is an inordinant amount of mimes in my school's theatre department. PS. I like apricots.
FunkyRedShoes, May 21 2002

       Try not to remember. [-]
bookends, Jun 10 2005

       This is a fantastic idea, but have him drop an hour or two before, so he's good and freaked out by the time he comes on stage.   

       Alternative: Have audience trip, and watch a tripping mime discourse on his trials and tribulations with tympanis booming on random occasion in the background. Release a dozen bats halfway though.   

       We're in bat country...
daseva, Jun 10 2005

       Look, he's acting like he's trapped inside a melting box.
Worldgineer, Jun 10 2005

       Why was this fishboned?
david_scothern, Sep 09 2005

       Because mimes are a plague that must be eradicated.
coprocephalous, Sep 09 2005

       I've never understood the popular loathing of mimes in the US (as exemplified in many Gary Larsen cartoons); is it because they look silly, or because they approach people and annoy them?   

       Personally, I find telemarketers more annoying...
Adze, Sep 10 2005

       Give them acid alright, hydrochloric though.
benindubai, Sep 10 2005

       [d_s] - It's probably because watching other people tripping gets really boring after not very long, mime artist or no.
wagster, Sep 10 2005

       why was this bunned?
benfrost, Sep 10 2005


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