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Laptop coffee heater

Keep your coffee warm with your laptop
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Nowadays laptops are becoming more and more energy efficient which is great if you're on the move. But that also means that almost nothing comes out of the fan outlet, which is perfectly placed to keep your coffee warm. The solution would be to add a small heating element in the fan outlet or a pull-out heating pad. Just be careful not to move your laptop in that case.

(i know there's usb heating gadgets, but this should be a basic function of a laptop)

sdk16420, Feb 21 2016

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       Integrate a heating element into the optical drive drawer.   

       Would also help with burning CDs and DVDs.
8th of 7, Feb 21 2016

       Shouldn't be too hard. A lot of laptops have a heat-pipe arrangement to get the heat from the CPU to the fan. Just take it to this heating pad instead.   

       And when you want to do some overclocking, just set a block of dry ice on the heating pad.
scad mientist, Feb 22 2016

       I'd like the option to have heater pads at the wrist wrests. That might couple the heat pretty well to the blood flow of the user, creating a very large liquid cooling system.   

       Obviously not very comfortable for users who are too warm already, but actually a very nice feature for those in over-air-conditioned offices or labs. Maybe have a way to redirect the flow of heat when it's not wanted.
scad mientist, Feb 22 2016

       Has anyone spilled a cup of coffee on a laptop ? What was the result ?   

       The burn pics on the Internet of the lady who sued MacDonald's for hot coffee burns, mean some temperature limiting means is wanted.
popbottle, Feb 22 2016

       //Would also help with burning CDs and DVDs.//   

       I see what you did there, fuckers.
21 Quest, Feb 24 2016

       I didn't like this idea so gave you a [+] on a different one that I did.
pashute, Feb 25 2016

8th of 7, Feb 25 2016

       I've spilled a plateful of hot chilli con carne on my lap.
po, Feb 25 2016

       Hot as in very spicy, or hot as in being considerably above ambient temperature, or both ?
8th of 7, Feb 25 2016

po, Feb 25 2016

       Heater schmeater. Why can't my laptop make me an espresso with all the waste heat?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2016

       Sounds like what you need is the new BorgCo ComputaCoffee portable espresso machine with integral widescreen LED touchscreen personal computer.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2016

       Yes, we got one of those for Christmas. It made a passable espresso, and even managed a decent cortado, but then it tried to upload its firmware into the dishwasher, washing machine and digital bidet so we had to unplug it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2016

       They will be Assimilated. Resistance is futile.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2016

       // BorgCo ComputaCoffee //   

       How is it that the Collective make all these wonderful products to improve human quality of life when we're all gonna get assimilated anyway? What is a Borg on espresso?
whatrock, Feb 26 2016

       //What is a Borg on espresso?//   

       This is your borg : o_+   

       This is your borg on expresso : O_@
Loris, Feb 26 2016

       // How is it that the Collective make all these wonderful products to improve human quality of life when we're all gonna get assimilated anyway? //   

       One thing at a time. First the coffee maker ... then the wearable fitness device ... then the augmented reality headset ... then the permanent cybernetic implants.
8th of 7, Feb 26 2016

       Whatever floats your boat, [IT]
8th of 7, Feb 27 2016

       Ooh, well spotted, [Ian Tindale].   

       What do you suppose was option A? Vril, possibly?
pertinax, Feb 27 2016


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