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Laptop screen cooling ducts

Fan in screen back, ducts from hot keyboard area leading to it
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Move heat along screen back, which serves both to dissipate the heat, and more available to breeze, rather than the lap area. Probably fan would work LESS and achieve better cooling (of course there must be enough duct width to pass the air from the lap-keyboard area to the screen back.
pashute, Jul 13 2008

Sorry I missed this one LCD_20heatsinks
Misleading name. More general idea which this is an "implementation" of [pashute, Jul 13 2008]

(?) Hot drive Hot_20Drivehttp://w...om/idea/Hot_20Drive
Similar ? [8th of 7, Jul 19 2008]


       Look at the back of the average notebook .... a thin hinge, and there are cables running through it.   

       For this to work you'd need a much thicker "hinge" with built in ducting. But it could be done ...... the idea in itself lacketh not for merit. [+]
8th of 7, Jul 13 2008

       Of course I looked at the hinges. And of course it needs the other half of the idea to be completed... Maybe thats the problem (there IS a problem) with halfbakery - although I enjoy it so much, (and I enjoyed your anno [8th]) - perhaps it should have a new section called:   

       TheOtherHalfBakery.com where rather than saying how the idea WONT work, people contribute on what to change and HOW TO COMPLETE IT, so it DOES.
pashute, Jul 13 2008

       Water cooling! That's it! Have thin water-filled cables running through the hinges, and through a radiator covering the top of the laptop.
Bad Jim, Jul 15 2008

       I will bun this only if you put a whistle in the hinge air duct.
mylodon, Jul 15 2008

       Sorry, I think it's a bad idea to have anything lumpy behind the screen. The biggest worry with laptops is screen breakage. To prevent that the piece behind the screen is pretty thick and then there is a gap to allow for bending. So if you put anything with amy thickness, you need to fill all the area to prevent lumps. So unless you want to move the motherboard up there with the fan, you have a problem. I guess you could do that as long as you leave the battery on the bottom. I'll withhold judgement for now.
MisterQED, Jul 15 2008

       ...or, your laptop could come with a little port on the side where you attach a flexible plastic tube. When the temperature of the innards rises too high, something on-screen alerts you to this. Then, you attach the plastic tube and stick the other end in your mouth and blow through it as you work, forcing air through the laptop and cooling it down. If your laptop overheats only infrequently this could remove the need for a fan.
hippo, Jul 16 2008

       As your spittle collects on the heat sink, it boils and emits steam, which powers a small piston that drives a little scraper that removes encrusted minerals off the heat sink from the last batch of spittle. This detritus is then deposited on your lap.
mylodon, Jul 16 2008

       Hi, MisterQED. The problems you describe, making a thin screen back with no lumps, are the requirements - even easy to implement requirements for my halfbidea, not the reason to discard it.
pashute, Jul 18 2008

       [pashute], I agree, but I feel it's only fair to review the idea as presented. It seems unfair to change the idea radically and then review on the changed idea. I submitted a suggestion for improvement and if you agree, then I would re-review.   

       Moving the motherboard is not without problems and may cause display issues. You will be insulating the back of the display and may be exposing it to lack of electrical isolation issues that usually dosn't occur.   

       The other solution is to use a long thin squirel cage fan that isn't directly behind the screen.   

       It's your idea, I just said you haven't sold me on it yet.
MisterQED, Jul 18 2008

       [Ian] surely what's needed is an internationally-agreed interface for micro-heat-exchangers. Then, if your laptop and coffee mug had such an interface, they could be plugged together.
hippo, Jul 19 2008

       "Hot Drive " - <link>
8th of 7, Jul 19 2008


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