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laptop coolant

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im tired of 3rd degree burns on my legs. The tiny fans do nothing.

Maybe it could use liquid nitrogen ?

Another idea was waterproof laptops so you could use in the bathtub or pool.

anemos, Jul 10 2002

Laptop Cooking http://www.dumbenti...ib/laptopcookin.pdf
Put the residual CPU heat to good use [supercat, Oct 04 2004]

Laptop desk http://www.lapworks...com/laptopdesk.html
"v2.0 has been scientifically proven to reduce heat build-up in your notebook computer by 15% to 20% guaranteed!" [linguist, Oct 04 2004]


       LN2 is waaaay to cold for that job. But the "hot knees" phenomenon is well known and unpleasant. The tiny fan is just to keep the processor cool, really.   

       Insulated pads ? Ceramic insulators under the laptop case ? "Laptop Pants" ? Oh no, not another pants idea ....   

       Waterproof laptops are Baked already, just very expensive, hence uncommon.
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       "Laptops for the Cryofrozen"   

       Maybe a "circulatory system" of water tubes that run through the interior of the laptop?
polartomato, Jul 10 2002

       polartomato: Oh brilliant ! More weight ! Yes, yes, I really need that, my arms just aren't long enough and I've always wanted to be able to scratch my ankles without bending .......   

       I think the answer is "laptop ears" - thin hollow alloy panels with heat-dissipating fins. The coolant is alcohol-based. It evaporates from inside the laptop and condenses in the "ears". Then when the frustration level gets too high, you turn of the machine and drink the coolant. Laptop/hipflask combo ?
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       8th: I don't think a "circulatory system" would weigh that much, but you make a good point... really they just need to add a few more vents. It'll make things run better too.   

       As for the fins, make beer-cooled laptops. Try and take that on your next flight.   

       Maybe one could stick a lap-shaped pad under the laptop, filled with chilled beer, straw attached. Or make it out of that can-cooling blue gel material.
polartomato, Jul 10 2002

       Why not use the heat ? A pad full of nourishing soup could be warmed by the waste heat from the laptop. A pad of insulating material keeps the heat from reaching your thighs. When the soup is warm, the laptop beeps, and you can enjoy a nourishing meal through a straw (croutons could be a problem). Soup Pads (TM) would be available at all travel-associated retail outlets. It could even be used for warming milk for babies (They would need very small laptops - maybe something more palmtop sized ?).   

       Hot beer ? Yuk.
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       Youcould just put a cushion on your knees, and the laptop on top of that. Problem solved, next!
[ sctld ], Jul 10 2002

       Um - the effects of a liquid nitrogen spill onto your lap are potentially *much* direr than a little overheating. If it just runs off, no harm done, but if it forms pools in the folds of your pants, you'll get frostbite in the goolies.
DrCurry, Jul 10 2002

       DrCurry: At one place I worked, one of the test engineers once made an ice lolly by plunging a cup of orange juice from the drink machine into a Dewar of LN2. Then he peeled off the plastic and attempted to lick the lolly ......   

       He ended up with serious burns to his tongue, permanently damaged his sense of taste, got a written warning, and narrowly escaped prosecution under Health and Safety legislation. His excuse ? "I was hot and thirsty."   

       In some circumstances, I consider LN2 to be potentially more dangerous than a burning liquid fuel, and I've had experience of both scenarios. At least you can kill a fuel fire quickly with a decent extinguisher.
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       Anemos: Working for a tech support company, I have heard several brilliant customer ideas on how to cool laptops, including the famous "I put it in the freezer to cool down and now the screen is all f***ed up." followed by the inevitable "Is this covered by my warranty? What do you mean, NO?!?!"   

       You'd be surprized if you took a look at the complexity of some of the modern Mobile P4 coolers- too bad they still dont work worth a shit, eh? They should incorporate the cooling fins into a coffee cup holder to keep the java hot on those long coding nights.. or use a Peltier cooler (and supply energy from *where*?)
Mr Burns, Jul 10 2002

       thcgenius: At the risk of incurring an [m-f-d] for propounding a perpetual motion machine, I would suggest that the user dons a Seebeck-effect headband hwich provides power to the Peltier-effect cooler on the P4. The more frustrated the programmer gets, the hotter his head, and the better the processor cooling. I don't have figures on the comparative effciency of the semiconductor-based theromoelectric converters, but I'm guessing that it's not brilliant. I'll look it up.   

       We once had a "user" dunk a complete PC and control system chassis in a tank of dry cleaning solvent. Miraculously, there was no fire when he powered it up (linear power supply, bakelite transformer casing) but it never worked again.
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       What's needed is a larger heat sink area. Laptop heatsinks really aren't all that much bigger than the old Pentium (fanless) ones. Maybe a largish sheet of thin copper or other heat-conductive material is in order.
phoenix, Jul 10 2002

       Since no one has mentioned it yet, how about laptops that produce less heat? Transmeta chips, for instance.
ThotMouser, Jul 15 2002

       Very familiar with Transmeta Crusoe... they are installed in the <will not plug brand> Daylight Readable notebooks we stock at work. Problem is, they're slower than shit, and they still get hot. I will give it the thumbs up for battery life, tho..
Mr Burns, Jul 15 2002

       i have a tohiba latop and it is always over heating. I got so bad that the whole comput shut down. Now i am trying to fid some thing to cool it with. I found that elivating it will work well also. Get a G3 powerbook they run cooler   


       I use mine as a space heater in class becuse i have dual turbine fans
josh, Dec 17 2002

       Baked <link>
linguist, Dec 17 2002


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