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Laptop pop-down heat-flow area

Yet Another cooling idea for laptops
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Some laptops have feet on the bottom in the hope that air will circulate underneath the computer to cool it. This may work on a desk, but may be iffy if a laptop computer is used on a lap, bed, or other such surface.

My proposed idea would be to have the bottom portion of the laptop 'pop down' a half-inch or so when the laptop was in use (making the machine half an inch thicker) but pop back in when necessary for transport. The area between the pop-down 'flalse bottom' and the real bottom could be filled with a compressible metal honeycomb structure that ran side to side; forcing air through such a structure should provide quite an effective heat-sink.

As a slight bonus, the pop-down bottom could slide in such a way as to cover up and protect the computer's connectors better than the flimsy plastic covers that always broke off until manufacturers gave up on even bothering with them.

supercat, Apr 19 2005


       Can't see why not. [+]
david_scothern, Apr 19 2005

       Does the [] mean you're keeping your + on hold?
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2005

       I would like more then an inch. My laptop has like 2cm and that’s not close to enough. They could be (floppy things) really big because they would fold backwards and basically it would not matter to the size (make it bigger) of the laptop
gelie, May 13 2005

       Or just have it dissipate heat from something that's not the *bottom*.   

       Where it sits on things.   

       Where there's no circulation...
omegatron, Mar 09 2006

       Might as well make it lift up higher if desired, and tiltable as well. Then, when you want it to, it can serve as an ergonomic laptop stand that requires you to use an external keyboard and pointing device, and therefore a desk, meaning the feet might be sufficient for cooling (but ergonomics still).
notexactly, Apr 25 2019

       Like a frill-necked lizard, the overheating laptop should rear up, extend heat sinks to either side of the screen, and hiss through its fans.
pertinax, Oct 14 2020


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