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E-motion Sprayer - The Natural High
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E-motion Sprayer

When a skateboarder, in-liner or any other X game type sport performer completes a sick trick, a Nice jump or some mind boggling grind his or her emotion state is in a natural high. The exhilaration of the trick releases endorphins throughout the body, which through an ankle strap senor attached to a small microprocessor can be read and translated into an art form using a high pressure multi jet nozzle.

The sprayer system can be easily attached and removed using simple screws and snap-on device, so that paint refills can be quickly fueled and the device can be easily maintained or swapped between different skate boards or different disciplines.

The sprayer would pick colors n patterns defined by the user’s emotion at the time, spraying a psychedelic-multi color display like street graffiti onto the area they landed creating a ‘tag’ of the users jumps around a ramp or street area.

The paint would be an organic water based variety that would wash or wear away within a small amount of time, like tracks in the snow, where each tire brand is different and unique thus not creating to much of a mess within streets n parks where the authorities would complain. Think how many skids marks you see on the roads, no one complains about those?

Dmedia, Dec 16 2006


       What does Spayer mean?
BJS, Dec 16 2006

       ? spayer ?
Dmedia, Dec 18 2006

       creativity factor 8/10 [+]
shinobi, Dec 21 2006

       With the right (ie wash-away, as stated in the idea) paints, definitely. Not so sure about the endorphin-sensing stuff; would be expensive and/or difficult, but if the sprayer was switched manually instead this could be excellent. [+], but if that paint doesn't wash off I'll set the local community association on you.
david_scothern, Dec 21 2006

       Please make the paint permanent instead to brighten the place up.   

webfishrune, Dec 21 2006


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