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Laser Fly Swatter

Flaming death to Flies
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Autonomous mini laser turrets that fire needle thin laser burst. The lasers are aimed by a state of the art tracking system. The system utilizes motion tracking cameras, radar and LIDAR plus a computer that controls the whole system. The laser burst are kept sort enough that the beam doesn’t exit the flies body reducing the chance of having pin point burns in the room interior. The system also will not fire if a human is in the line of fire.
duroncrush, Jan 27 2004

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       You may be able to save the walls by having multiple low power beams tied into an adjustable focus, set to converge on the target. The beam would be intense enough to do damage only where the multiple beams converge. As for targeting, I'm not sure I want an always on radar in my home. Perhaps a sound sensor that listens for the sound of tiny wings?
DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

       <tiny voice> Help me. Help meee.

       Excellent. You would need to couple the device to a miniture robot to go sweep up charred fly bodies from the floor.
KLRico, Jan 27 2004

       If an object is in the line of fire, how will it know it is there? Also, I don't think the resolution of radar is sufficianly high. However, sound sensers are a possibility. Also, could you instead of lasers, have a relitivly high concentration beam made of sunlight? (this constitutes a long exposer, on the order of seconds.)
my-nep, Jan 27 2004

       Paint the whole room white, then rapid take pictures of the room from three fixed cameras. Run an extreemly basic AI over the pictures pinpointing the fly. Triangulate and fire, FULL POWER!, and to hell and be damned with the walls, I don't lilke the colour anyway!!!
q2cannonfodder, Jan 27 2004

       Anonymous turrets, flaming files, short lasers, people protection... I don't know. Call me a cynic, quickly!
k_sra, Jan 27 2004

       Could this be dual-purposed to keep the pets off the furniture?
DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

       for the name alone+
theircompetitor, Jan 27 2004

       This could trigger the development of a whole new family of flies from plain, shiny bottle flies. These flies would have a highly reflective but diffuse exterior. They would chew up white paint to get Barium Sulfate or Titanium Oxide for their exo-skeleton. The more agressive ones would have a few concave surfaces to focus the laser back onto the walls and burn holes. A very dangerous development!
kbecker, Jan 27 2004

       My god your right! we never thought outside the box. Guess I better just stick to my shootgun, until someone invents a safe way kill flies of course.
q2cannonfodder, Jan 27 2004

       So, my friend showed me this site because I had a similar idea last night.   

       For hardware Im going to use a 200mw laser, a Phidget actuator controller, 3 high speed actuators, digital camera, and some wires. For software, ill write custom code to control the actuators and laser, and reuse an existing API for image processing. After I sight in the laser turret, ill be able to develop shooting solutions based on the processed images.   

       The only thing i dont know is, what does it take to take down a fly with a laser? Ideally, it would be just strong enough to stun or fry the wings off the fly. I cant seem to find any documentation on fly- laser interaction.
RobotLuddite, Jun 24 2009


       "documentation on fly- laser interaction"
normzone, Jun 24 2009

       // I cant seem to find any documentation on fly- laser interaction. //   

       You can now.
notexactly, Jul 11 2019


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